Vera M. Adelgeim: I’ve never heard of father Paul that he joined the brotherhood of “Kochetkova”

From the widow of the Archpriest Pavel Adelgeim, Vera Mikhailovna Adelgeim, the editors received a letter of appeal to the priest Georgiy Kochetkov. Relatives and friends of father Paul believe that the brotherhood “Kochetkova” uses the name of the slain priest in their own interests, and claim that there is no obvious evidence that Paul ever was in that fraternity. Vera M. in his letter, asks questions, hoping to receive simple and honest answers, and a friend of father Paul, and former Chairman of the Parish Council of Mironosetskogo Church in Pskov Victor Yakovlev considers the continued use of the name of father Paul “Kochetkova” – outrageous and unacceptable.

Vera M. Adelgeim, photo: Sergey Chapnin

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The Priest Georgy Kochetkov,

the spiritual Trustee of the Transfiguration brotherhood

Dear father George!

I thought long and hard before I decided to write this letter. As You know, in our house, as before, is a lot of people, and many people ask me how I feel about You and Your children, which were all called “kochetkovtsy” and why father Paul entered into Your fellowship. And I always struggle to answer this question with a pure heart. So I decided to apply personally to You and hope to hear from You simple and honest answers.

Of course, since the death of father Paul has been a long time, and a lot has changed since then when You and Your fellowship was in big trouble. Today everything is completely different: You are known, You have in all cities of Your followers. There are in Pskov. Everywhere you spend your days in memory of his father Paul, have published books with his works and documents from his archive. All that You are doing as a tribute to his memory, and nothing but my gratitude would seem to deserve. But there are still several big questions that it’s hard for me to find the answer.

Why in all your deeds and words, father Paul is separated from his family? Why everything is done as if neither me nor daughters Masha and Ani, son of Ivan? Why Pskov fraternity members urged me to step back, to move out (this is Masha!) on the second floor and on the first floor of the brotherhood was going to have a Museum? Why is working at home for almost three years, copying the files father Paul, only I paid for Internet, and for the light from his small pension? Why do You publish and republish large editions of the book of father Paul, even without asking any permission from me as the rightful heir, and sell those books at a high price and I had to buy them for my money at the bookstore to give, when I came to my people asking for these books? How do I tell them that neither You nor the brotherhood never gave me any of these books, except isolated instances? I’m sorry, I can’t send guests to the store to buy a gift in memory of O. Paul…

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not talking about money, not asking them. While we with Masha difficult to live with, we used to make do with less, and our friends, thank God I’m not quitting. I ask You, why I do no from the fraternity, even a small help when You speak so much about love, and that everyone should help his neighbor? Or the family of his father Paul I and Mary, ceased to be for You others? Or was not?

Everyone knows that father Paul always and everything, even seemingly unimportant discussed with me and my friends. But I never heard from him that he was going to join or already joined Your fellowship. None of our close friends too, anything like that from him never heard, although his attitude towards the brotherhood were discussed at the table again. We all knew that he supported the brotherhood, as forces responded to invitations to lecture, to come to a meeting. But he likewise responded to all the requests, support and other people. And father Paul had agreed when someone said that the brotherhood has dangerous flaws, which he considered dangerous. How can I combine my and our close friends ignorance about joining Your fellowship with Your after death! – claims that he entered into it? Why do You say that which was not? I believe that in this situation You have to present the obvious compelling evidence that over the past five years and has not appeared.

And one more thing I want to ask: I don’t understand why members of the brotherhood have almost ceased to be in Mironositska the temple? Why, when very rarely they come with me don’t even say Hello? Why after leaving the temple, walk past the graves, not even turning his head in her direction? Why not at least cross for grave cross, which is a few steps from the tracks and all visible?

Here’s the main thing I wanted to ask You. To list the rest of the letter will not, if You want, You will see and hear what I said on video Viktor Yakovlev, President of the community Church of the myrrh-Bearers when father Paul. Maybe it will have consequences, but I hope soon to receive from You a written response to all questions, to know what and how I respond to the questions about Your brotherhood.

Sincerely, Vera M. Adelgeim

20 Aug 2018


The priest Pavel Adelgeim and former Chairman of the Parish Council of the Church of STS. Myrrh-Bearers Viktor Yakovlev. Photo: Lev Shlosberg/Pskov province

Victor Yakovlev: use the name of father Paul, we believe it is outrageous and unacceptable


Open letter to the mother of Vera Mikhailovna Adelgeim

the priest Georgy Kochetkov

Pskov, August 21, 2018

Two years ago I sent to the priest Georgy Kochetkov and his closest associate Alexander Kapinovskogo personal conciliatory letter in connection with the unsubstantiated public allegations, if shortly before the death of father Pavel Adelgeim joined the Transfiguration brotherhood, a spiritual guardian whom is FR. The statement, in my opinion at least, is incorrect and in fact dishonest. The answer I was given one of Pskov “Bratchikov”, i.e. through a third party, in an unsealed envelope, attached to it my letter. Thus George himself turned the discussion in an open format. Correspondence had to publish.

In addition, the answer contained the false statement that “the Pskov brother very much and are helping mother,” the ending is embarrassingly cynical: “although no commitment in this respect not taken”.

Now, in connection with the 80 anniversary from the birthday (August 1) and 5-anniversary of the martyrdom (August 5), a new wave of claims of membership of O. Paul in the brotherhood. The only evidence remains oral statements FR George Kochetkov and his followers – a statement to which I, mother Vera M., as well as those family and friends on whose behalf I now speak, may be not only as to their personal OPINION. Use the name of the Confessor of faith Paul Adelgeim in the interests of the Corporation “Kochetkova”, name “Bratchikov” in the nation, we believe it is outrageous and unacceptable. Though, because many newly-churched people in this lie believe that, in our opinion, will cause definite harm to the spiritual authority of O. Paul. George and his ilk want to see him as “Bratchikov”. For us he is the shepherd of God and brother in Christ.

The bitterness and resentment of the mother of Faith is understandable. She was silent, but now the Cup of patience overflowed, and she decided to Express my attitude to the brotherhood, first in video and now in an open letter to George O. which is reproduced above.

For the Confessor of the faith of Paul Adelgeim was unacceptable even small lies, even “white lies”. He is like no one knew how small of unrighteousness grows a great evil. “It is often said that the end justifies the means, he said in a sermon for 4 days before death. – It is not. A worthy goal worthy requires resources”. All his life he was faithful in his youth taken the decision to devote himself to the service of Christ. He entered His Church and was faithful to her until death, death of a Martyr. Is it possible to imagine that the service of Christ o Paul needed to join the brotherhood, FR George Kochetkov, or any other of the people the organization except the Church of Christ? The question is rhetorical.

On behalf of the friends of father Paul

Victor Yakovlev, Chairman of the Parish Council of the community (1989-2010) of the Church of STS. Myrrh-Bearing women in Pskov, which rector was Archpriest Pavel Adelgeim

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