Vetch does not grow, but the diagnosis is still there

Vick is not just a little girl. It is almost not growing. 4 years and 8 months, her height and weight meet the height and weight year-old child. The reason for the delay of growth and is not revealed. Now the only way to correct diagnosis is to conduct a full genome sequencing.

Vic. Photo: Vladislav Biryukov

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“Don’t worry, grow up!”

An extract from a medical card Vicky crowded diagnoses. But the opposite most of them is a question mark. This means that the disease, which does not allow the girl to grow and with which it would be possible to fight actively, never installed. That is, there is no proper treatment needed Vick. Unconfirmed diagnoses achondroplasia and hypochondroplasia are hereditary in nature and indicate the deformation of the bone growth and spinal column.

Vic was born at 37 weeks very tiny – a growth of 45 cm and weighing only 2 kg.

On the sixth month of pregnancy, the doctors found a delay of fetal development, which affected the condition of the baby after the birth, a month was spent in hospital. The girl’s mother, Maria, recalls that in the first days after the birth of her daughter she was surprised by the disproportion: the head is large-sized chest, and arms and legs are short.

Vika was diagnosed with clubfoot in the third degree. First, Vick drove weekly to the hospital for gypsuming, and was later held hellotime surgical operation for the correction of the incorrect position of the foot.

Generally, premature infants are not immediately catching up in height and weight of their peers. However, in the case of Wick that never happened. The backlog in physical development is becoming more noticeable. But only recently, doctors ceased to repeat to parents: “don’t worry, grow up!” And sent them with Vika genetics.

Vetch does not grow, but the diagnosis is still there

“When the pediatrician suggested to apply for disability inside me went cold. “How is it? Is that so bad?” – I thought, – says Maria. – Because in the intellectual development of the Vic ahead of their peers! She reads, writes letters, even studies English language…”

Vika is a very friendly, lively, fun to interact with older children. She loves taking pictures and dreams of a real camera, even ordered it to Santa Claus. She is very sensitive child: absolutely not tolerate rudeness, very upset if someone at her angry look.

Today it is clear that, once able to make an accurate diagnosis, the girl will have serious treatment. It can be as hormone therapy and surgery. And to start treatment as soon as possible. To identify the reason for the delay of physical development, Vick must undergo a complex genetic test, which yields full information on the totality of the genetic material, enclosed in a cage of the person. But of Vika’s family has no money for expensive study. Let’s help she can grow!

Photo: Vladislav Biryukov

Fund “Pravmir” helps people with unknown diagnoses to perform an expensive genetic studies to accurately determine the disease and to get appropriate treatment. Help can you by donating any amount, or make a regular monthly donation of 100, 300, 500 rubles and more.

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