Victims of hurricane Michael find refuge and help in local churches

America will need a few years before Florida recovers from the effects of hurricane Michael. The wind, reaching the speed of 250 kilometers per hour, and the storm tore down the house with foundations, snapped trees in half.
The people who escaped during the storm, go back to see what was left of their homes. The local Church was also damaged during the storms, but no matter what, want to serve their communities.

People who left Florida before hurricane Michael are beginning to come back to understand if there is nothing to return to.

“Like everybody we know lost their house. All lost their jobs,” —says a resident of Mexico beach for Emily Hansen.

“The destruction of these, looks like a bomb exploded” — shows the surroundings of one of the locals.

In Panama city beach, Florida, a Church willing to help others, although they themselves suffered. “Destini worship center” has lost the part of the children’s building, but this does not prevent members to serve their community. The Church helps with the collection and delivery of basic things for the needy.

“We take what brought us to the beach and transported it to Panama city, Springfield and Koleva, where the churches had suffered much more damage, says Wayne Asproducts, pastor of the campus Panama city beach “Destiny Worship Center” — We collect the things that was brought to us and distributed them among those who really need them.”

The Church “lighthouse” got much stronger. The eye of the hurricane Michael passed right across this country. But Church leaders say that this will not prevent them to be the hands and feet of Jesus. The Church “lighthouse” took everyone who joined in the service this Sunday.

“I think we all know that it’s just a building. We can build another one. We want to make sure that our community care, our Church members will be taken care of, says pastor Cole Bailey, Church Mayak, Panama city beach. — We have seven teams that work with trucks and chainsaws, removing trees and helping anyone who was in a difficult situation. We provide people help and give them what they need.”

Pastor Cole says that filling the basic needs of the community attracts people to Christ.

“I can say that I love you, and can show it. And if our neighbors have no doubt that we love them, then they have the opportunity to learn about it when they see one of the shirts “dream team” in his yard,” continues pastor Bailey.

In Panama city beach we also found “mercy Chefs”. Their service can cook up to 18 thousand servings per day, which they give to the victims, volunteers and rescuers.

“We managed to stay in three locations in Florida and Georgia, and these places we deliver food to the distribution agencies,” says Gary LeBlanc of service “Chef’s mercy”.

As terrible as looked in this area, it is possible to find God. And not in ruins, and in helping others.

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