Video blogger says about the faith of thousands, living in the wild

Hunting, Hiking, fishing and cooking. Bill Dixon is an expert in the outdoors. Bill’s video blog on Facebook and on YouTube tells not only of his love for God’s creation, but to Jesus. You need to get poisoned in Pango Prairie to meet “a provincial man of the Renaissance”.

“Welcome to Pango Prairie. We will hunt the legendary Saskatchewan white-tailed deer. Don’t go anywhere, because you won’t want to miss this,” starts one of the rollers of bill Dixon.

More than five years bill diskon shares delicious recipes, adventures in nature and advice paired with his faith, which pleases fans of his video blog.

“Now I will show you how to camp in style Pango Prairie,” he continues.

Pango – this is a rural area in Eastern Virginia. Dixon did not anticipate that it will be here after the collapse of his marriage.

“She was the love of my life. We were married for almost 20 years. She just decided that I would do something else, says Dixon. I always thought I would go to the mountains. But God said to me, “diskon, you can go to the mountains, but I’ll give you Pango Prairie, you have to learn to bloom where planted.”

Part of the process occurred after diskon failed the exams for the 5th class, and he was sent to catch up with all in the Christian school.

“Mom was worried about me. Once I was in the yard, and she watched me. When I came home, she said, “Billy, are you okay?” I said, “Yes, mom. What?” She said, “And who are you talking to?” I said, “What do you mean?” And she said, “Every time I looked, you were talking with someone”. — “But, mom, I just prayed.” She said, “you Prayed?” “Yes, miss Glazebrook told me that the Bible says we must pray without ceasing,” says Dixon.

For many years friends have asked Diskona to share their recipes and write a cookbook. But he decided that he would reach more people through video.

“I did, “Yesterday’s Chile”. I made it from what was in the fridge and on the shelves. I’m not ready, and just decided to shoot an impromptu video. I decided that it was enough. Once they see it, I won’t have to worry,” he recalls. — But they loved it.Everyone began to write: “You need to take one more, one more”.

In the video bill always blesses the food. For what it is?

“I thought: “If I do this, I will do everything so that people saw that it is possible to have fun, to fish, to hunt, to enjoy nature and to love the Lord, because with Him everything is better.” And when I sit with the Bible or men of God sit with me, blessing the food, perhaps it will attract someone’s attention,” he says.

Dixon says that one of his commercials even saved a man’s life, “He said, “I want you to know that you helped me survive this year. I was in the hospital for more than a hundred days, struggling with two types of leukemia”. This man and his 6-year-old son watched my video “Good camp”, where I set up my camp in the mountains of Virginia. He wrote me: “I want you to know how much I appreciated your videos when I was in the hospital.” These words struck me.”

Bill talks to journalists “CBN-News”, sitting surrounded by a few deer, which his own shot and eaten, as well as a large Buffalo.

“I shot all the animals that you see, — he said. My dad taught me from an early age: “If you’re gonna kill an animal you should eat.” I like to know where my food came from. That’s why I go and collect her myself.”

Today, “provincial Renaissance man” entertains a lot of subscribers on Youtube and Facebook and has no plans to stop.

“I believe that there are two verses of the Bible which says almost everything you need: John 3:16, and the second from the 22nd Psalm: “the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want”. If you accept Jesus and do according to the faith you must believe this verse: “the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want”. Then it all fits together,” says the blogger.

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