Vinnytsia eparchy met the new Bishop – Archbishop Varsonofy


The clergy and parishioners in the city of Vinnitsa, the abbots and representatives of three of the diocesan monasteries, welcomed the newly appointed Manager of the Vinnytsia diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Archbishop of Vinnitsa and Barsky Barsonophios, informs a portal “Orthodox life”.

The greeting of the Bishop was held in the square in front of the Epiphany Church of Holy cross community of Vinnitsa 18 Dec 2018. Archbishop Varsonofy arrived to a new place of Ministry, accompanied by two bishops, vicars of the Kyiv Metropolis Archbishop Damian Fastiv and Bishop Makarov Gideon.

Many of the faithful greeted the Archbishop Varsonofy of Church chants and cheers. A representative of the city clergy gave the Bishop the cross, which the Bishop blessed all those present.

After a brief prayer, Archbishop Damianos read the resolution of the Holy Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of December 17, 2018 (journal No. 72) on the appointment of Archbishop Varsonofy ruling Bishop of the diocese of Vinnytsia UOC. The choir and all present in the square sang to the Lord many years.


Archbishop Varsonofy thanked the citizens for the warm welcome, support, and joint prayer. The Bishop noted that he had arrived at the place of service to the world and the blessing of the Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church his Beatitude Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine Onuphrius keep the purity of Holy Orthodoxy.

The Metropolitan stressed that it is not going to capture the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral in Vinnitsa, which took those who have departed into schism, the Metropolitan Simeon (Shostatsky), but will try over time to resolve this issue in the legal plane.

“We are people of Christ, and not only in words we say that we love each other, but his entire life must testify of it. Evil can be overcome only by love. And I all of you, dear fathers, brothers and sisters, call upon in this difficult time: know only with God’s help we will be able to correct this unpleasant situation. We’re not a power grab, we can’t keep him [Simeon], and to ask and to pray about it – we will. Because the most important thing is to preserve the true faith. How important it is for our salvation: the truth and faith! Neither the Cathedral nor the walls we need, and faith, prayer and love for each other,” said Archbishop Varsonofy.

The Bishop asked for prayers and support of believers, “to perform his Ministry zealously, in purity and innocence”. The city clergy, the Hierarch thanked for their courage in defending the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

After the welcoming words of Archbishop Varsonofy of the clergy Vinnytsia diocese UOC was invited to the General meeting.

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