Vladimir Legoyda: the Church is a special organism, which cannot apply worldly logic


The Chairman of the Synodal Department for Church and society and the media V. Legoida took part in the project N. G. Loseva “How do you do that?” the episodes which are published on the website “RIA Novosti”.

Vladimir Legoyda, spoke about the role that the Department for relations with society and mass media plays in the Church, as well as its structure and features.

Answering the question of Ukrainian autocephaly, V. Legoida said the Church is a special organism, which cannot apply worldly logic. He also added that the Church cannot create, it can only join. “Representatives of those religious institutions who call themselves “the Kyivan Patriarchate and Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church”, speaking everyday language, the entertainers”, he concluded.

Speaking on the topic of information warfare against the Church, Vladimir Legoyda expressed the view that the situation in which the Church lives in the absolute information, comfort, and all admire her — impossible, because the gospel tells us that it can’t be. “When the Saviour, the Founder of the Church Jesus Christ walked the earth, He never met such relations”, — said the head of the Department on interrelations of the Church with society and the media.

Answering the question about prohibition of abortions, a representative of the Church said that every world religion, including Christianity, perceives abortion as murder. He also added that the Russian Orthodox Church urges to the exclusion of abortion from the compulsory health insurance system.

V. Legoida stressed that he sees no problem in the existence of the law on protection of feelings of believers, because in this case, the state protects the rights of groups as it protects the rights of non-religious people. However, he noted that there are problems with the legal practice under this article of the Criminal code.

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