Vladimir Legoyda: the task of the Church is the spiritual support of athletes and not attracting good luck


Speaking in the program “Light the night” radio “Faith”, the Chairman of the Synodal Department for Church and society and the media V. Legoida noted that the main task of the Church in its contacts with the sports world is the organization of spiritual care for athletes, not a magic to attract good luck.

“Religion is not magic, and the presence of the father when the team does not guarantee victory. The priest at the games in support of people personally, regardless of whether they have won or lost,” said V. Legoida.

“Even in ancient times, when the Olympics were associated with paganism, Christian Ministers do not turn away from athletes who came to him in search of truth”, he added.

Developing the theme of interaction with athletes, and V. Legoida also noted that the pastoral assistance of the chaplain allows them to gain mental toughness, to get rid of passions of vanity and ambition, and as a result, stop being afraid of defeats and become more focused and calm.

According to the representative of the Church in case of poor performance, for example, team, Council, priest, constantly caring team of athletes, also will help not to lose heart and to draw useful experience from this situation.

“The priest — not the wait staff. The meaning of the visits of the priest with the team to people living in sport mode and not having time to go to the temple, can know that there is a Church, there is God”, — said the Chairman of Department on interrelations of the Church with society and the media.

Also V. Legoida told about the aims and objectives of the Patriarchal Commission on matters of physical culture and sports, whose first meeting was held on 6 June at the Red hall of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow.

The Chairman of Department on interrelations of the Church with society and the media explained that the Commission will not become the Church’s equivalent of the Ministry of sports and the issues of organization of spiritual care for athletes, who, like all people, need support in difficult situations.

“The Church will not create a new Playground, the Church will deal with people as it has always done,” — said V. Legoida, — “the Church remains with people in any situation”, he concluded.

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