Voyage of ptsu in the monasteries of mount Athos continues: New Esphigmenou

The delegation of new Church structures in the Holy mount

Representatives of the PCU was made by the Abbot of the monastery Archimandrite Bartholomew (Gazetas).

8 February 2019 “Bishop” ptsu Paul Wristy and his accompanying delegation from the new Church structure called for New Athos monastery Esphigmenou, where he exchanged with the monks of the monastery of the gifts, reported the online edition of “Romfea”.

The monks of New Esfigmenou put for the worship of the delegates to the DNC the power of the Athonite saints.

The Abbot of the monastery Archimandrite Bartholomew (Gazetas) discussed with members of new ecclesiastical structure “an important unifying role” of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, the problem of Esfigmenou and the need for unity of all Orthodox Christians. Delegates invited him to visit Ukraine.

“Now a New Esphigmenou hosted dissenters from ptsu and even invited me to his “Beatitude” Sergei M. Dumenko. In our eyes, one after the other Athonite monasteries are connected with the dissenters and commit an unthinkable betrayal of the Orthodox people in Ukraine, which are being driven, blackmailed, beaten, expelled from their churches,” – commented on the incident, the rector of the Moscow theological Academy, Bishop of verey Ambrose (Ermakov).

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew has ordered that the members of the DNC visited all the monasteries of mount Athos, stated in the Telegram Lord Ambrose.

“Xenophon, Pantokrator, New Esphigmenou have already entered into communion with schismatics and samosvyaty, shake hands with the persecutors of the Church in Ukraine. <…> How subtly the enemy of the human race mocks people! The life, deeds and loyalty to Christ’s Church of the Martyr John Popov Yes, we will all benchmark at the present time many impostures and lies,” wrote the rector of MDA.

On the morning of 8 February 2019 “the Bishop” ptsu Paul Wristy, celebrated the divine Liturgy in the monastery of Pantokrator on mount Athos. The night before, the brethren of the monastery and the delegates from the new Church structure also made the evening service.

Among the Athonite kalitov and Brahmins declare a cease commemoration of Patriarch Bartholomew. The monasteries of mount Athos Philotheos and Caracal said it would close its gates if the Holy Mount Athos will arrive the head of the DNC Epiphany Dumenko.

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