Vysoko-Petrovsky monastery became the laureate of the “Moscow restoration – 2018”


Vysoko-Petrovsky stauropegial monastery awarded the “Moscow restoration – 2018” for the best organization of repair and restoration work in Moscow, reports the Synodal Department for monasteries and monasticism.

In 2018, the monastery completed the work on the restoration of the Church of St. Peter, begun in 2017. In the same year was made a significant amount of work on the manufacture of bricks, plaster and painting of facades, recreates the mural paintings, discovered during the removal of walls, a renovated ambulatory and three porch, reinforced Foundation.

In Sergievskaya Church of the monastery was carried out work on gilding the crosses and the restoration of the domes, as well as clearing and restoring the white decor of the quadrangle.

However, work is being completed on the restoration of the Tolga Church, also initiated in 2017. Object delivery is scheduled for the end of this year.

Major repairs of roofs of Naryshkin chambers of the Abbot Privately, and buildings.

Previously carried out the restoration of the Church of the Holy apostles Peter and Paul, bell tower with gate intercession Church, Holy gates and the Kazan chapel.

Proceed it is repair-restoration works in the Bogolyubsky Church. Here, strengthened foundations, recreated 2 arcades, a renovated ambulatory, partially replaced by elements of white stone and brick.

“The efforts made for the restoration of the architectural ensemble of our abode became literally his salvation. Before starting work we had no idea how bad things were. The state of the individual monastic buildings turned out to be more pitiable than that showed design studies. Under these conditions the organization of the process of scientific restoration we are guided by the opinion and estimates of experts, although not always and not in all agree with them. We need to do much more in the coming years, so we hope for further support of the city authorities in our work”, – said the Governor of the vysoko-Petrovsky monastery, hegumen Peter (Eremeev).

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