Was held the VI international forum of Orthodox youth “Faith and business”


From 18 to 22 August 2018 in Staritsa assumption monastery hosted the VI international forum of Orthodox youth “Faith of the matter is — 2018,” according to patriarhiei.

The forum was organized by the Coordination center of the Synodal Department for youth Affairs in the Central Federal district Tver regional office of public organization “Orthodox youth”. Forum participants were representatives of youth activists from the Central and the southern Federal districts.

On the first day of the event, the young people met with each other and organizers, and prayed on the vigil at the Dormition Cathedral in Staritsa monastery.

On 19 August, the feast of the Transfiguration, the forum participants attended the divine Liturgy in the Dormition Cathedral was headed by the hegumen Dimitry (Sevostyanov). Later in the conference room held a forum. Young activists asked the organizers — the head of the Tver regional branch of the public organization “Orthodox youth”, expert of the Synodal Department for youth Affairs Pavel Efremenko and a member of the coordination centre of the Synodal Department for youth Affairs in the Central Federal district of Sofia Novikova. Then everyone was given a tour of the monastery under the guidance of local historian Alexander Shitkov.

Business game “team Work” was held for members of the forum business coach Anastasia Sokolova. In this day Orthodox activists were waiting for the seminar “volunteering as a contemporary social practice” from the Minister of social protection of the population composition of the youth government of Tver region, coordinator of the Federal project “grant wood” Nikolay Romanenko and seminar on “the Spiritual foundations of information security” with the cleric of the Tver diocese, Archpriest Sergius by Dannym. In the second day of the forum creative evening of the composer and performer Ilya Anosov.

On Monday the Coordinating centre of the Synodal Department on Affairs in the Central Federal district organized a meeting with the Metropolitan of Tver and Kashin, Archpriest Savva and Kirill by Sladkovi, acting Chairman of the Synodal Department for youth Affairs.

Vladyka Savva addressed the forum participants with welcoming remarks. “We are in the Church, committed his Ministry to the youth. And I think that in our Synodal departments may not be any obvious special requirements. Is the most important requirement is that announced by Jesus Christ: love one another. And, on this basis, we build all of our requirements. If we have this love will not, then, unfortunately, all our efforts that we put in their places, will be in vain. I think that this is the most important requirement will determine all our domestic and foreign policy, our attitude to each other. Then our Ministry will be successful. The absence of love will lead to the other — no requirement even to your own soul. And if you wish to fulfill this requirement, then I’m with you” — said, in particular, the Bishop.

In his speech, Archpriest Kirill Sladkov said: “it is Very significant that we are gathered in the Bayou in the continuation of the feast of the Transfiguration. I would like to recall the words of St. Gregory Palamas that Jesus Christ always had the light and Transfiguration, and during it and after. And the Transfiguration was necessary for the apostles, who were not just passive participants, but all imbued with heart and spirit, began satanicly the light of Tabor. We all remember Chapter 25 of Matthew where the Lord calls all of us little ones to do something good: to visit the sick, the hungry fed, the thirsty to drink. All this we do for God. So I wish us all not to lose the passion and the Divine light which should guide our lives and spodvigli us for new achievements and accomplishments. And, of course, without the love of Christ to others, to God, it’s impossible. God forbid that forum and today’s meeting went for each of us fruitfully”.

During the meeting, Bishop Sava and father Kirill answered the questions of representatives of Orthodox youth organizations, responsible for youth work in parishes and deaneries, staff members of the relevant diocesan structures.

In memory of the meeting was taken a group photo, after which father Cyril spoke to the youth in an informal setting.

Then the young people took part in the business game “Social engineering”, which was conducted by Anastasia Sokolova.

On this day, the organizers prepared for specialists in youth work workshops: “the Orthodox youth organization in civil society,” presenter — Eugene Shvedkov, the head of the movement “georgievtsy” (Tula diocese), President of the Tula regional public organization “Center of youth projects and social initiatives”; “Modern information space and NPOs” by Vladislav Sokolov, the employee of Department of information policy office of the government of Tver region; “Grantwriting: preparation of the project” leading — Pavel Efremov, head of the Tver regional branch of the public organization “Orthodox youth” the expert of the Synodal Department for youth Affairs.

Following the educational day of the forum was opened by the lecture “Modern asocial movement in the youth environment”. Archpriest Artemy Rublev from the Rzhev diocese, the head of the project “Nikorai-to”, I talked with the guys on “the Game of go as a mechanism of social mission.” Seminar “Information security practice” held Gregory Pashchenko, head of the Federal project “Cybertwin”.

In the second half of the day in the framework of the forum “Faith and deeds” was held regional stage of the festival of youth achievements “Glory of the Fatherland” in the Central Federal district. During the event, were awarded the best youth initiative, who will represent the district in the finals in Moscow.

The best results of the vote were: the Orthodox military-Patriotic club “Backrest” named after hero of Russia Vladimir Ulyanov (nomination “the Organization of social and meaningful leisure activities of young people”, muromskaya diocese); the program of regional volunteer group “Prometheus”, working with young people with disabilities (nomination “Active citizenship and social initiative”, Rossoshanskiy diocese); family lab animation (nomination “Preservation of moral values in the modern information space”, Zheleznogorsk diocese); festival center “Ecclesiastes” (nomination “the Organization of social and meaningful leisure activities of young people”, Lipetsk diocese); “Christianity and sports” (nomination “Active citizenship and social initiative”, the Voronezh diocese); the religious education project: the “Emergency spiritual help!” (nomination “Preservation of moral values in the modern information space”, Pesochenskaya diocese).

Also on this day you can participate in the master class “How to present your project” from Anastasia Sokolova and speculate about the future of youth work in the Church on the foresight-session “the Youth Ministry of the Church: in step with the time based on tradition.”

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