Was published a new textbook on homiletics

The programme for the preparation of new textbooks for the bachelor of theological schools of the Russian Orthodox Church, under the auspices of the Supreme Church Council and under the authoritative supervision of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill, was published a new textbook on homiletics. Working on a textbook on the art of preaching, lasted more than two years and was carried out under the overall guidance of the rector of the Church postgraduate and doctoral school named saints Cyril and Methodius, Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, the website of the INSTITUTE.


The textbook was largely the result of cooperation of the Kyiv theological Academy and the Kursk theological Seminary. The main author acted as Pro-rector for scientific and theological work of the Kiev theological Academy, candidate of historical Sciences, candidate of theology Vladimir Burega, which is about six years teaching homiletic at the Moscow theological Academy. The author team leader and scientific editor of the publication became the rector of the Kursk Seminary, candidate of philological Sciences, Archimandrite Simeon (Tomachinsky).

In the training tutorial was attended by the Vice-rector for educational work of the INSTITUTE, master of theology, hieromonk Ioann (Kopeikin); Professor of homiletics Kursk theological Seminary, master of theology, priest Konstantin Aristov; Dean of the faculty of pedagogy of St. Tikhon’s humanitarian University, doctor of Philology T. V. Sklyarov, Director of the Publishing house of the postgraduate school “Learning” A. I. Parfenov; Deputy chief editor of the Publishing house “Knowledge” M. Kalinin.

For the purposes of this publication the Professor noted, candidate of theology, Abbot Dionysius (shlenov) translated from the modern Greek language textbook on homiletics Professor John Foundoulis. This allowed to take into account in the work on the tutorial experience of the Orthodox Greece.

In the introduction the authors hope that the book “could change the whole approach to homiletics as if a minor secondary subject. And let’s not all become the new Chrysostom and demostene – but every pastor will perform his duty according to the gospel of salvation of our God”.

The textbook was published in the Publishing house “Knowledge”, which is based at the SS Cyril and Methodius postgraduate and doctoral studies in 2015. As an Annex to the textbook forthcoming anthology, which will include selected sermons of ecclesiastical writers from different eras.

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