Was published the New Testament in the Lezgi language

Research institution “Institute for Bible translation” (IPB) completed years of work on the translation of the New Testament in the Lezgin language, according to patriarhiei. The book was published under the imprint of the Institute of linguistics of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

In the project in different years participated Lezgin talented writers and poets, biblical scholars experienced, highly qualified specialists in the Lezgin language, including D. SC.N. Talibov, Phys.N. M. E. Alexeev, honorary doctor of Russian Academy of Sciences M. Beerle-Moore, etc.

New Testament in modern Lezghian language is translated for the first time. However, in the early middle ages the gospel was translated into the closely related language of the Caucasian Albanians (Lezgian branch of the Nakh-Daghestanian language family). In the design of this publication used the Fax image fragments of the Sinai palimpsest (VII-IX centuries), the main monument of this language, whose speakers lived in the East of the Caucasus, created existed for several centuries the Christian state of Caucasian Albania.

In Russia there are more than 400 thousand Lezgins; most people live compactly in the South-East of Dagestan. The translation made for the literary Lezgi language, the basis of which lay down common here genasci dialect. About 350 thousand of Lezgins live in the neighboring Russian part of Azerbaijan and speak a different dialect; for the New Testament to read and they, the text is accompanied by footnotes.

Some fragments are translated in a poetic style, including the Lord’s Prayer (Matt. 6:9-13), The Canticle Of Mary (LK. 1:26-56) Canticle Of Zechariah (LK. 1:68-79), etc., — they are marked in the poetic text indented and in italics.

The book concludes with a fairly extensive reference apparatus, which includes a Glossary of biblical terms, a table comparing biblical and modern weights and measures, a list of textual discrepancies, a list of names and abbreviations of books of the old and New Testaments, maps of Palestine and the Middle East New Testament times.

The translation of the New Testament available on the website of the Institute for Bible translation in the section of electronic publications.

Currently, work continues on translation into the Lezgian language of the books of the old Testament.

* * *

Earlier in the Lezgi language Institute for Bible translation published: fragments of the gospel of Matthew (1990); the gospel of Mark (1996); the gospel of Luke/the acts of the Apostles (2004); “the Bible in pictures” with audio CD (2009), the book of Ruth, Esther, Jonah (2010); the four Gospels (2014).

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