Over the next few months you can get acquainted with the history of Jerusalem, without leaving the United States. This is a unique three-dimensional exposition of the Holy Sepulcher.

In the Washington Museum of National geographic society decided to move visitors to Israel. No, you don’t need to fly there, as it is a virtual journey to one of the most sacred places on earth. Digital guides lead visitors on an expedition in the time of Jesus. Built in the fourth century where, it is said, was buried, Jesus, this temple has undergone a historical restoration. In the framework of its project staff of the National geographic society have painstakingly studied the object, and then documented their findings to share them with the world.

“According to some visitors, they may never be able to visit Jerusalem, but the exposure allowed them to experience the charm of this historic city,” says Kathryn Keane, Vice President of the National geographic society.

The uniqueness of the exhibition — in the absence of artifacts. Modern technology will show visitors to this temple both inside and outside. Using LIDAR technology, combining sonar and laser imaging, archaeologists explored the sanctuary, not touching it.

“In fact, we let the laser beam at a speed of about one hundred thousand times a second to study the structure or field,” says archaeologist Fredrik Heber.

“This expedition uses new technologies and new platforms to create exposures. This is something new. We’ve never done before,” says Kathryn Keane.

And if you want to get acquainted with the Church, you can wear a virtual reality helmet that will allow you to go inside and even to move at the pace you want. In this digital world, guests can take a trip to visit the Old city of Jerusalem or to explore the place where Jesus was buried before His resurrection.

“This job was my first in so sacred and important historical site,” says Fredrik Heber.

So, it seems that this virtual exhibition may be of interest to all: both Christians and those who just want to get acquainted with the biblical story.

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