“We are all afraid” – the Russian teachers about their work in school

The exam, reporting, and paperwork, recently implemented inclusive system, endless parent conversations, the pressure of the administration and lack of textbooks five teachers from different parts of the country have agreed to anonymously tell me what today is the Russian education system through the eyes of teachers.

A scene from the movie “the Teacher”

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The children say: “Why learn, I’m a blogger”, and the parents always complain

Mathematics teacher, class teacher, work experience of 20 years, Saint-Petersburg:

– All administration is terribly afraid of prosecution, because the parents did not understand the topic, but only after hearing that tells their child, immediately write a complaint. Naturally, in order to hush up the problem, they begin to have an impact on teachers: “do Not cry child, don’t make it work, just draw three”. And here it turns out that these losers parents begin to swing right, educate me, what I do wrong, the child is taught. And the children who are successful, learn consistently for good grades, on the contrary, parents would come up and ask: “What can I do to retake it?”

Due to the fact that the school is now compulsory inclusive education in the classroom by children who really want to learn one-on-one or with Tutors. If the class has 20 people, they more or less have time to do something, and if the class of 28 people, as it is now in most schools? Inclusive education does not work, because the kids just get dumber. I think that is terribly broken their psychological state. Imagine all the time two. Deuces and why? Because he doesn’t like, he can’t keep up.

As far as I know, a lot of schools, especially corrective, altogether. All these children belong in the regular education school and be generally unsuccessful because they just can’t study in this school.

I have had this experience: when I saw that in my class a few people absolutely zero, I began to get them to come separately after class. And after 2 months I children themselves said that they feel more comfortable when they sit separately, because they begin to understand what is going on. They can’t learn in a regular classroom, others simply slaughtered.

Children do not have time from the number of various trees and shrubs, DDR, CPG, because it turns out that the child only wrote the CDF is a national test a test a week he has diagnostic test. Yet little is already DDR, regional diagnostic.

Tired of psychological pressure. I got used to the fact that if a child does not have time, I give a job is a job to be done, completed, fulfilled. I was raised that way: “Here’s a task you must do.” And the question is: “why? Why?” is not asked.

And now: “I’m not going to do it. Why do I need this?” I said, “you Have two, you have to work.” “That you have, and I don’t have to.” And it turns out that all the time to prove something.

Teachers say: “why should we ask?” It is their duty, and no duties to perform not want to. If you tell parents, “No, I bet the rating won’t he let me bring it”, the parents will still go to the administration will be to complain about you, and the you press down.

The program has been compressed for hours. I remember some of the calendar-thematic planning was in 6 th grade and what now. The program has been compressed, the number of hours made smaller. 6 th grade disappeared, the 6th lesson. Removed part of mathematics, said of the Russian. Russian 8 hours, mathematics – 5. My watch went into Russian language. And the teacher says that they are a lot of what she was even taught.

I’m growing worry that I’m not doda, and the child is crossing Europe, of course, the information is not time to be perceived. 5th class more or less, and somewhere in the mid-6 th grade shows that children begin to SAG. If, for example, used to be 2-3 losers, in 6th grade they clearly already a quarter of the class.

A scene from the movie “the Teacher”

They have no desire, no motivation to study. “Why? I’m a blogger. And bloggers don’t need to know anything”. And from each class for 2-3 people – it’s just future bloggers. “I’ll tell you how these games play and earn money”.

In mathematics, the 19 tasks in the exam, if it is to take the profile 20, if you take the base part. If we talk about the profile that requires most institutions, then 4 tasks in the exam is targeted at Olympiad level. And when you start to talk with teachers, they say: “we are not able to address these 4 tasks. So we don’t explain to their children”. And immediately the question arises: why in the exam to put the tasks that the school of 11 teachers, only 2 decide?

Take Russian language. On DPR in the 11th grade were three different teacher and they all had different answers to the questions. Three different people gave three different answers. And the teachers are highly skilled, knowledgeable subject. So the question is, why this exam?

Not easier, that the child passed one essay, has shown that it can think or not, as we passed. I had an essay. I did, was taking dictation. That is simply tested how well I can write as I listen, as I know how suggestions on parts to put words to highlight, to do morphological parsing and all. Now, when you start to read the questions, I think, in General, to whom this exam is designed? Why is all this necessary?

Schools run by managers, not teachers. They figure out how to check the quality of education and how to do so, to pay less. Why correctional schools be closed? Because the state has no money.

At all the conferences where I’ve been for the last two years, all the teachers say that, when the time comes, cancel OGE and EGE. But we all know that will not happen soon because it has a great laundering of the budget money.

You know, some people sick. There are sick physically, but I consider myself to be a sick workaholic. I’m from the school have gone 4 times. Went into business on other work in the decrees. I can’t live without it, I explain the topic and see the eyes of understanding and delight. The worst thing – at the end of the quarter when you need to grade. Then even if the school burned down. And every year I more and more hate. If you could just pass/no credit, understood/not understood. Without a value system, then that for me would be super.

Approximately thirty percent of the reports I fill from the bulldozer

Deputy Director, work experience of 12 years, Altai Krai:

For the last two or three years, change happens quickly, regularly and vigorous pace, but only on paper. Them has not kept pace with material and technical base. Reports of course, we write that we – well done, heroes, and so on, as asked by the state.

It asks: “do you have interactive whiteboards?”, we write: “Yes, there is.” It asks, working or not, if there is software or not.

Photo: John K / Flickr

Approximately thirty percent of the reports I fill from the bulldozer, to make a beautiful picture. And I’m not even going to interview teachers, I will not give the real figures. Because then at the level of my municipality over the actual numbers will come and I will be for the high jump: “Why do you not?” And to explain that I have no resources, no use. Everything will be reduced to administrative measures.

In fact, we demand the impossible. For example, to ensure students psychological and pedagogical support at school and inclusive education. In my district one educational psychologist for five schools with occupancy from two hundred to five hundred people. And this is a different village. She comes to us once a quarter, looking at these children, you recommend something, we try to do then write a bunch of beautiful papers and all.

Again, it is required, for example, for these children, every teacher has got education of the teacher-pathologists. My teachers refuse to go to school to be a speech pathologist. First, they according to the labour code have the right to disagree. Second, motivated by the fact that they have, and so a very large load.

But relationships with parents are changing, and changing their activity. They read the Internet, watch TV. Sometimes, and rude, and aggressive form claims. When you start talking to them, explained the situation, but formally. Parents still go away dissatisfied: “they Have everything on paper, and talking to them is useless”.

Parents are active, it is unique. But so far, the example of my school, I would say that they are increasingly in a negative direction, in the direction of the swing right.

Recent case: we are asking parents to buy printed notebooks, they complain about it. Of course, for the parent budget is a large sum. And indeed in the education act stipulates that if a school uses these books, we should provide it. But the problem is that the government gives me 250 rubles a year per child for providing all notebooks and textbooks. We explain it to parents, showing accounting records for parent-teacher meetings, but parents still think we stole the money.

You know, we are now very afraid. We are an organisation which is easier to check everything, starting from fire and ending with the Prosecutor’s office and Rospotrebnadzor. Therefore, we are afraid of all, try the extra steps not to do with all the gently to talk. We have no other options.

Well, if there is one book on the Desk

Teacher of history and social studies, duration 2 months, Kirov oblast:

– I must say that experience as such I have no, I only two quarters worked, but became totally immersed in the head. I’m trained as a lawyer, came to the school to work because my teacher at school said not enough teachers of history and social science. And I can, with minimal retraining to work as a teacher. I was curious to try. Kids are all right, to work with them is interesting, they are not stupid. The attitude of the children are very respectful and I would even say reverent.

But it so happened that I now think of resignation. The problem is not the children, and in the bureaucracy. That a huge number of papers that need to fill in and return, from work programs and calendar thematic planning. I think the norm is to give the textbook recommended by the Ministry of education, and systematically on this tutorial to go. But I need a plan, a work program with stupid sections “the student needs to know”, “should be able”, in practice it does nothing. When all the teachers start to discuss this, I feel uncomfortable. For me it all means nothing, and for those who have been working in the school, it’s like the Bible, something sacred.

Clearly the weak point of the education system – the endless stupid and ridiculous demands. For example, only today had a meeting with the Director, we all forcibly were given paper and instructed to all employees on the site of administration of our city passed an anonymous survey on the quality of the services provided by this administration. The school is not irrelevant.

Embarrassing physical condition of the school. I’m not talking about the fact that it looks old, the repair plan, nothing has changed since I graduated from there in 2007. The whole school has one interactive whiteboard, the minimum number of televisions. If I want the kids to see a movie or to work with presentation, I have to ask other teachers to switch rooms. The study of history as such, we have not. Yes even the ordinary blackboard on which writing with chalk, not all classes in a normal state. This time I was totally incomprehensible in light of the statements of Putin and Medvedev about the school of the future, digital school.

Textbooks are a big problem. I’m in ninth grade history, well, if they have one textbook on the Desk there. I come to the library to find out what’s going on. In the library I quite rudely explain that, they say, rejoice, that at least is issued.

Well, the interactive whiteboard, I explain on fingers. But the books, as without them it is possible?

Photo: Anna Galperina / Flickr

I am now between two fires: between his work on wages I think the main, and school. Initially, my administration had an agreement: I work three days at school I have eight lessons. In fact it turns out everything is different. Then on Saturday, I sat on the regional competition, then you sit in your day on the Olympics, then it’s all check. Reports need to take, programs to prepare. And employment turns out one hundred percent.

If the teacher’s salary was sufficient for a normal life, I would have just stayed in school. Now I bet 19 hours, my salary is 10 thousand rubles. It’s nothing even in our city. When I had time and a half, I have received 15,000 rubles. Recently, I accidentally my design sheet issued payslip techkerama. Of course, I didn’t flinch, but it was very unpleasant and surprising to see that techkerama salary more than me. I have experience techkerama, I believe that any work should be valued and respected, and in this work there is nothing wrong with that. I understand that physical work is hard. But I still think that the teacher’s work more. How can it be that the teacher’s salary is less than techleader?

I endlessly got all this bureaucracy and paperwork, but I can’t just walk away. I became attached to those children, whom I know since September. It’s hard for me to imagine that I would be in and out. I know, I know, who on what is capable. Many continue to surprise me over and over again in a good way. Someone begins to study, to understand the first time difficult topics.

Probably before the end of the year I will finish. And then I want to move to the regional center, a more advanced school. Yet accumulating experience, parallel study, pass retraining. Technically, I should have been listening for ten days. In fact, it was two hours, after which I was given a piece of paper on the courses of retraining. Now I for your money going through other courses, 600 academic hours. This is my personal initiative because formal training is not enough.

I’ve told your parents not to touch homework

Primary school teacher, work experience of 5 years, Leningrad oblast:

– Let’s start with the fact that we have cameras in the classrooms. We have interactive whiteboards in the area, but put the camera. Put transparent doors. And all this is displayed on the monitors to the Director. Supposedly this was done for the safety of children, but actually it makes us then, where we took a wrong turn that we did wrong and so on. She liked the idea for all to see.

Daily a lot of reports, what did you do, where your children were involved. Forced to participate in the Olympic games, and for show. The main thing – checked and good. The report must be submitted that you have children registered and participated somewhere. Saying that we do not participate, little kids involved and everything is done again for the sake of it: “Take photos as if you spent mother’s Day”, “Make pictures your children draw”. And they send these pictures for premiums, and thorough work with children is not conducted.

A lot of things to do, have work to take home, and no time to prepare for the lessons efficiently. While checking the notebooks, already forces are not present, take the child out of kindergarten and go to bed. A lot of things I want to do, but we don’t have time.

And it turns out that the educational work there, and we are told: “You have to prepare for mother’s Day”. Now we do the Christmas tree was canceled, because I don’t want to use the auditorium. Therefore, we conduct the class themselves, and it is necessary to write the script, and here we sit, think. Will evaluate the tree from 10 to 12 hours. Nobody, of course, is not enough. All money received by the teacher-the organizer, which does nothing. And we just say, “Well, you’re not going 2 hours to just sit, so entertain kids. Animators employ or pay tree, pay Santa Claus”.

Introduced inclusive education. Previously, these children were in special correctional schools, are now required to attend General education as a separate program. That is, when we are facing now, for example, declination, with this baby I am going through the alphabet separately, but on the same lesson. If you listen to the media, it must provide the tutor, in fact, nothing there.

Photo: Sergey Dushkin / Flickr

Three people were sent for advanced training courses: it’s like the further education of such children to work. And there are only 72 hours, although correctional pedagogy in the institutions teaching 5 years. And we had one lesson, and we said, “Okay, we will give crusts, and all. Time is not none”. In my class there is a child on the program of the 8th, mentally retarded, and 7-th species. And we have no right to put three, and have something to teach.

The Director is generally difficult to communicate, she begins to stamp her foot and say, “don’t you dare to contradict me!” If the whole team argue, it would be the result. But when I say to all the staff, they look at the ground: “You’re just young, and we have until retirement a little bit. We’re not going to say anything”.

On Monday I go to the Director to figure out. On my mother complained.

Now even parents complain everything. They write immediately to the education Committee, for example, if a child is punished in the classroom, because it interfered with the rest.

The teacher put it: “Wait, calm down, you’re disturbing”. All the baby’s crying, call my mother at recess and mom is writing to the education Committee that her child humiliated that he is the whole lesson. They all complain, call, write a written letter to the Director must give a written response: what sanctions are applied to the teacher, how the situation was resolved, and so on. That is all on paper.

I parents said clearly that ends in 5 hours my time working, and then I do not answer any questions. And they are trying to 5 hours to find out. At the meeting I said that the child needs to do homework. If he does not understand, he to me came, and we will solve this problem. Parents should not do it alone. And so we have a quiet, peaceful.

I have a great desire just to change profession

Teacher of Russian language and literature work experience of 7 years, the Chelyabinsk region:

– There are both positive and negative points. Positive changes in the teaching of the subject. We try things a little differently. If the earlier material was a given, but now children are taught to find information themselves.

Something to do with children – positive, with a paper – negative. Reporting not that much. It just all kind of stupid. For example, we check how we check the notebook and make demands to the way we check. Sometimes there is written such nonsense. Control a huge number of statements. In fact it still has no effect, still looking at mark.

Plus now cancelled paper journals, but not electronic. It seems to be easier, right? Actually no. Because it is not always electronic works. It turns out, you have a paper in which you write, and email, which you then still put. A double work.

With my parents I have this position: I did not add them to friends on social networks. I just said it’s my personal life, and they to her have no relationship.

They call me and send me a message. The messages I answer. But I find it easier, so they called me or came to school. Chat rooms I don’t use in their work.

Elections are in control. A few years ago we had to show for whom voted. I started to resent at one of the meetings, and I said, “Well, you specifically we do not call and nothing is reported. Just calm down.”

And this year, when there was a vote that said: “Dear colleagues, we are not forcing you to vote for someone. You just have to come to the polls”. The turnout itself was supposed to be.

A lot depends on leadership. And it is not only the Director and the entire administrative group. I worked in two schools. My last school was great teachers. They did not press us with unnecessary information. In this school the insanity continuous. But it depends on the leadership, how it reacts to different papers. They must also filter what you want teachers to say, and what not, that only applies to leadership.

In the past year, informally I have had a week of 39 hours, officially 36. There is some creative work… a Lesson is 45 minutes. To prepare for this lesson, you at least need 1-2 hours. That is 5-6 hours, it is necessary only to be prepared in three Parallels, so it was really good, good lessons.

Photo: Sergey Dushkin / Flickr

At the moment I am in a very difficult moral situation. I have a great desire just to change profession. But I remember those first 5 years that I worked with. I enjoyed going to work, I knew that I wanted to be a teacher. Now I think whether it is really my profession, whether I am where I need to be? So I find it difficult to say whether it will remain or not. Only time will tell.

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