“We had no right not to be able” – as in a few months the family Filinych built a house

In the family Filinych – 15 people. Parents Artem and Tatyana – large, and the blood of children they have two other adopted and foster children, that is, it turns out, the grandchildren. Artem diocesan photographer, Tatiana is a journalist who is actively involved in social work, including prison Ministry. More recently, the whole family lived in a small two-bedroom apartment. Feline recently moved into a new house that appeared including with the help of donators of the charity Fund “Pravmir”. But first, the house had to be built.


  • With God on the ceiling
  • Clan Filinych – family with endless extension
  • “Smiling like there is no problem” she’s in ninth and believes that life is beautiful
  • “A loaf of bread with kefir than screaming mother and depression”
  • “Saint Spyridon, we are not slackers, but I can’t earn at home”

Buyers looking apartment and we were sitting under a Bush with dogs, cats and sheep

So part of the money to build a house for a large family gathered with the help of the Fund, and another part planned to take, after selling the apartment in which all lived, the first of its repairing. Construction began in may, and almost then it became clear – the apartment must be sold, though urgent. Although for many years children, living here in large numbers, brought their home into a cozy for yourself and are extremely unsuitable for sale as. Tanya called a longtime friend who worked in the estate Agency.

His first words were:

– When we were taught, what condition must be sold the apartment, I thought only about one thing: even if Tanya decided to sell the apartment, because in that condition in which it is located, it’s impossible.

As a result, the Agency after the meeting, Falin said:

– Guys, maximum take out all the furniture, paint everything white. It is in this state we try to sell as quickly as possible.

“Quickly take out all” from the apartment where lives a lot of people – the problem is almost unbelievable. The head of the family assorted designs, they also once collected, painted walls, painting the bright children’s drawings, all piled things in boxes. That children do not miss the summer, the parents early in the morning drove them to the beach, and then back to work. Things were taken to family and friends.

Managed to make the apartment empty and snow-white clean to the day appointed for a photography Agency. In the apartment there was only one wardrobe and beds.

Children, diligently caused the apartment to the mind in which it was before the repair was dissatisfied with its white and tried to correct the situation. The algorithm was something like this: a call from the Agency saying that today will come to see the apartment. The couple look back and find the walls a fresh spot. Artem again takes the roller to repaint the walls. Still the mystery remains, as the room without furniture on the ceiling appeared a trace children’s hands.

Faline joked: “If the sale drags on, the layers of paint on the walls is so much that the flat will decrease in volume”.

– What did not was when I was preparing the apartment for sale. For example, the husband godrive linoleum in the room and says: “Well, finally, with this room finished.” A second later the ball flies, bounces on the doorstep, does a somersault and ends up in the bucket of paint. Spray flying in all directions.

Faline learned to vacate the apartment together with children and animals for hours.

– We probably still have old neighbors think it’s strange – laughing Tatiana. Because we, adults, were under some Bush in the company of three dogs, cats in a basket and crows. Then we got a little bolder, no longer the cats out of the apartment to clean up. We had two identical black and people thought it was one and the same. Once the deal fell through – we thought that customers had left, and decided it was time to return the animals home. Because the son was sitting under the balcony, he decided to give animals through the balcony, bypassing the entrance. In that moment, when he one after another passed the crow, the dog, the potential buyers wanted to see how the home looks from the outside. They never came back. It is now funny to remember, and then, in fact, was a terrible panic because we were afraid that the apartment will not sell.

We have not decided when to move, and the house

In the end, the apartment is sold much cheaper than planned, but were happy and it was approaching autumn, and this meant that the construction will be more expensive.

After the sale of the apartment Falini was going to move in a removable housing at the other end of town, and suddenly friends of the family, the priest and his wife offered to stay in their rooms in a communal apartment in the area where the school is located children. So, they filmed the issue with their distribution and more time could be given to the construction site. However, Filinych Scarecrow, as neighbors in the communal apartment will take a large and noisy family with lots of animals. The priest talked to the neighbors, explained the situation…

In a communal apartment

We lived there for over a month, and we have established very warm relations with its neighbors. No one at us askance look, no one that we were never expressed, though, in my opinion, for what it was: the children quickly took up the entire space available. The neighborhood kids quickly migrated to us.

For children it was an adventure. But we had hard seats that’s not enough. That is, children had a place to sleep while we adults slept in shifts.

As soon as the house was heating, was inserted doors with Windows, Artem and Tatyana decided it was time to sleep in the house, leaving the children with grandma to quickly pull out the debris and get the house in living condition. In the evening I put the children, worked around the house, morning was coming.

But before Filinych appeared in the house cat came in and decided that this is her house. When in the house, the whole family moved, the cat was used not only to people but to other cats and dogs, all kind showing, that it’s her house and go she’s not going anywhere.

– So we drove for some time, dismantled some part of the house. We are a few days so I shoveled, shoveled, has more or less become. And then I thought, that prevents us from working effectively? And what we want to be with children and do not want them to leave. So you just have kids to bring, because the house is warm, there is already a place where they can play… Decided on the day to take the children with her in the house, and in the evening to return back, but then something unexpected happened: in the evening we have the car broke down, and broke silly and absurd – she fell off the engine, our master said about this generally first hears.

The evening when we realized that the machine is broken, we have a question or effort to spend on it to get the kids back, then get back to the house without a car, and rush a few days until the car repair, or to save power and nerves to the construction site. So I otbrosili children for two days from school, called my friends that brought us food and we stayed in the house. There was nothing more water, and that on the street. But we held out for three days, and it became clear that there was no point in leaving anymore. So we waited for the arrival of the plumber to set the toilet and started the water in the house. Then grandmother moved in with the baby and the remaining animals. And so it happened that we decided when to move, and the house.

So the house Filinych with character. But he was clearly glad that changes every day – this is the one bathroom ready now for the final touch, the work of an electrician – all with sockets and switches.

– However, the children were amazed that the electrician worked for so long. So, I discovered, as a Junior Ruslan is about the master and strictly says: “Why do you come to us, and constantly picking our wall, tell me.”

Very much in the house made with hands Filinych: plasterboard ceilings generally all interior trim, attic.

The doors in the house yet, but nobody is suffering, everyone is enjoying the opportunity to run free after the crowded communal.

The children loved the house. However, some only when it moved.

– When we after the resumption of the construction of the first children brought to the house, was only the outer wall, from which protruded mineral wool, Windows on yet, the floors feature only partially, around debris, trenches for pipes, our Princess Bela looked at all your beautiful eyes, full of horror. Afterwards, they shared their impressions: “Mum took us to the open house, there was a Board, dirt. We’ll be there soon to live…” When the time came for our historic move, she was afraid to get out of the car. But it was worth it to come as the terror gave way to inspiration: “We’re staying, right, left!”

The children just loved how much space around the house where you can run, and on the street – there’s plenty you can lie in the snow, making snowmen…

“We know the collection is closed, so looking forward to this,” said inmate

Artem and Tatyana equip your home during the day, when they are not busy at work or with the kids, and night.

And I wonder that they constantly occur household miracles.

For example, on the first floor had to lay linoleum. Tatiana counted – it takes 30 thousand, and the money on the linoleum, the family can not distinguish.

Literally at the same time, we each came, looked, praised and said, “Now come on, let’s go. I have the money, let’s decide what is the most necessary, I intend to spend it right now to you.” We went, bought linoleum, exactly as needed.

Or I Ponichala at home, among their that no racks, I got a girlfriend, brought a gift card to IKEA. We decided some of the most pressing problems with the storage. And these timely gifts were very many.

Help comes at the right moment comes you need this…

Tatiana had a dream that stood in the yard a bird feeder. And just an acquaintance of mine invited Filinych to your already disbanded the warehouse where not everything was taken out: “we’ll See if you will find the materials that will be useful”. Artem chose to build, and Tatiana thought, what would she build a bird feeder, turned his head and saw – ready, large bird feeder, the kind you imagined!

The feeder was installed in the yard, sprinkled on food, but the birds to fly refused.

– Just a shame it was, – says Tatiana. – Go to the site, on bushes, sits a flock of sparrows, and the rest is grazing the withered leaves, and near the feeder with a mountain of grain, and no there not flying. Day like this, two is, three is, and I was upset. It was just turning a difficult moment, when it seemed to me that there are materials and tools in order to finish the house, then the car broke down, and we need it constantly, every day, over and over. All at once fell, and the sparrows and Tits that fly around and don’t want to eat our grain.

I stand and look out the window and say, “Lord, what I kind of person I can cry about it, because of this and because of this, and I was most upset that stupid titmouses and sparrows do not fly to my feeder”.

Apparently, these are not flying to the feeder the birds embodied all my impotence. When I have this phrase uttered on the feeder dropped the first bird. Five minutes turned back to the window, already there was a whole flock, and since then they have constantly the table, in the morning, look in the window, so that we suddenly forgot to put the food.

New year and Christmas, the family will celebrate in the new house. Already dressed for the street tree Falini bake gingerbread to bypass the neighbors, to congratulate with all to get acquainted. Before the New year to sum up. For Filinych the main result is not only a miracle of moving into a new house, but also how people responded to the call to help…

When the fundraising was going on, for us it was a shock – we are literally immersed in a sea of love and support, – says Tatiana. We almost cried every day. It turned out that the people many years contact just fated not supported, worried, Yes even strange! To the extent that once I’m out of jail and at the door I met with a woman the first time I see: “Oh, Tatiana, is that you? I watched you there are only 500 thousand were left.”

The daughter told me how she came to the exam in the experiences that she was well enough prepared (and the fours she was not, she graduated with honors), up all night baking cookies for prisoners, since in the morning I had to go to the colony. The daughter answered perfectly, and then the teacher, already putting the mark, said, “Svetlana, you are not offended by what I have census information on the collection for your family?”

When the collection was closed, I came to the colony, the prisoners met me: “We know the collection is closed, so looking forward to this,” one of the guys found out the latest news from his wife, who is very worried for us.

In practice, we learned the value of small amounts, when the collection was stopped for a day or two, and then came the donation, for example, 50 rubles, the amount has varied and it gave some incredible hope that everything will work out.

It seems to me that to help and accept help – it touches the very different emotional strings. I understand that it is important to go on the side of the host, it gives a completely different experience relief. No accident that adult children said, “then understand that you simply are unable now to live differently than helping others, because the wheel must roll good on. Faced with such love, it wants to give and give.”

It was very scary not to justify all the love. When we have had difficult moments, and slip and difficulties at almost every stage, understanding that so many people participated that the house was, so many people expect this, became a powerful motivation. We had no right not to be able.

Fund “Pravmir” helps families who are in difficult life situation such as a fire, plane crash, loss of a breadwinner, poverty, hunger, illness, injury, loss of necessary skills and competencies in an accident and so on. You can help one-time or subscribe to a regular monthly donation of 100, 300, 500 rubles and more.

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