“We have to thank our elders” – not just words: In St. Petersburg opened a cafe with a free lunch for the elderly

Evgeny and Alexander, the organizers of the project

Largely thanks to the support of the readers of Christianity.Ru 22 October in St. Petersburg, opened a cafe “Dobrogost” where all the grandmothers and grandfathers, pensioners with a small pension and the difficult situation in life can eat free every weekday from 12 to 16 hours.

We talked about this initiative in the article “Go to the end: Christ will not leave”: interview with Alexandra Bruce, one of the organizers of the project, is not indifferent to many readers, and in a few weeks for the organization of a grateful lunch (note – it is grateful: “We have to thank our elders”, – convinced the organizers) they had collected more than 200 000. Purchased not only products, but also refrigerators, freezers, sinks, etc.


“The most difficult we passed, passed the moment when 90% said,” don’t play heroes you are sponsors to feed needy grandparents, you will not succeed, and not ugostite yourself into debt…” – the words came to mind, though we tried to chase them, but in parallel began debts from all vendors. Sometimes I thought I was stuck, but we kept going. And, you know, we could, I thank all who from the beginning has helped, supported, in deed and word, free work, gifts for the holidays, transfers….We’ve been through, here we are. Thank God and God help us caring people that we have, is, very, very much! – said Alexander. – Yes, my husband and I started this movement, but continued all along, and every day our team gets bigger. It’s not personally our Eugene project is the thing that unites all people who want to help older people. Will continue”.


About continue: according to Alexandra for three months in St. Petersburg will start construction of another “Dobrodeya”, and the goal of the participants of the project – at least 15 of these cafes in all districts of the Northern capital. “Because the grandparents go here not only and not so much just to eat, the most important thing for them is communication. Good, bright, calm the word – that they and we all desperately need right now,” says Alexandra Alexandrovna.


As said Mikhail Ustinov, one of the visitors opened a cafe, “I see with my own eyes that Russia, thank God, is once again becoming Russia: going back to the tradition of helping those who find it difficult. Orthodox Russia, we will not through the political chatter, but through actual good deeds, where the rich help the poor, where people live together, share a table and a prayer.”


Thanks again to our readers for the help in this good work. Attention residents of Peter: “Dobrogost” are a group of volunteers. Says Alexander, “we need these guys who will dive into our good chaos, feel the atmosphere of love and support and will help our elderly.” Phone Alexandra Bruise: +7 921 906 90 66. The “Dobrodeya”: Children’s street, the house 17, St. Petersburg.

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