“We passed this way together with the Royal passion-bearers”

More than 100 thousand people took place in a traditional Royal cross course in Yekaterinburg on Tuesday, July 17, in the one hundredth anniversary of the execution of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II. The procession was headed by Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill. “Pravmir” publishes a photo with a Royal procession.

  • Patriarch Kirill: the Royal passion-bearers with their Calvary instructed us to take care of people’s spiritual life
  • SK confirmed the authenticity of the remains of the Royal family: why is it important
  • For members of the Royal martyrs, in the first place, the example of a family
  • The execution of the Royal family was not a mistake or “break”
  • “A lot of them are poor, have undergone suffering”

– With a happy feeling I went through this sorrowful way with you all day when we remember and celebrate a tragic event — we celebrate because through this event, the Royal family was canonized. And I believe that today it is, the family of the Royal martyrs with us in this prayer and in this procession. Praying to the Holy saints, we ask them to be prostatic to God for our Russian land, for our people, for our Church, that the Lord protect our homeland and the people, and the Church from all strife, divisions, schisms, from all human unrighteousness, in order to keep us true faith and piety of our people. Believe that if you save it, save, and Russia, and will be a great country and people will prosper. Their prayers bless the Russian land. Amen, addressed the faithful, the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Photo: midural.ru

Before the procession, his Holiness celebrated the divine Liturgy in front of the Church on Blood in honour of All saints resplendent in the Russian land. The temple was built on the site of the house of engineer Ipatiev, where on the night of 17 July 1918 was killed by the Emperor Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra, the heir Alexei, and four daughters Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia.

The procession went from the Temple on the Blood to the monastery of the Holy Royal martyrs in the Ganina Yama tract, where were buried the remains of martyrs. The participants of the Royal procession carried banners and icons, including the icon of Nicholas II, created in 2017 for the temple in honor of icon of mother of God Derzhavnaya at Ganina Yama. Weight of the icon with kiot — about 150 kg. the Total length of the procession was 21 km.

Photo: ekaterinburg-eparhia.ru, midural.ru Yekaterinburg.of the Russian Federation.


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