We repeat the prayers and think that God listens to them

“All expressions of our prayer must be the life rules.It is very important that we should establish between life and prayer themselves, the act of will that we committed” the word of Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh.

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We turn to God in hope that He will do what we need

Metropolitan Anthony Of Sourozh

For me pleasure to testify that excites me to the depths of the heart, that produces a blindingly bright impression, sometimes fleetingly, sometimes permanently, in the context in the situations of our lives. Testify of what our eyes, touched with our hands, our ears have heard (1 John 1:1), to indicate that enlightened our minds, deepened our heart, direct our will, reached the body, so that it became more receptive to grace.

I will speak about prayer and activities, but especially would like to focus on prayer, or rather, a complex combination of prayer and activities that continuously expressed and fruitful meditation, and life, nourished by deep thought and a sobriety in the situations of our lives.

I would like to start to say a few words about the connection of prayer with a life not at all, but with a more immediate point of view. Too often the life we lead, stands in testimony against our prayer, and only if we manage to harmonize the words of our prayers and how we live our lives, prayer will be filled with strength, light, which we expect it will become effective.

Too often we turn to God in hope that He would do what we had to do in His name and for His sake. Too often our prayers are like polite speeches, polished from long use, we please the Lord day by day, it is enough to repeat to Him a cold heart, a lazy mind, without the participation of our will, words of fire, who were born in the wilderness, alone, to the utmost of human suffering, in the most intense situations ever known in history.

We repeat the prayers that bear the names of great spiritual warriors, and think that God listens, that He takes note of their content, whereas the only thing that matters to God is the heart of the one who speaks these words, the will of the speaker, directed to the fulfillment of His will.

We cry: lead us not into temptation, and then cheerful, full of greedy curiosity, flock to the place where we face temptation.

Or we say: my heart is Ready, o God! (PS 56:8). What is it ready? If the Lord gave us this question in the evening when at bedtime, we said, would often reply: “to Read a Chapter of a detective novel”? This is the only thing now ready our hearts.

And so often our prayer is a dead letter, moreover, the letter necrotic, because every time we allow our prayer was dead, so she doesn’t Zhivilo us to its inherent intensity is not permeated us, we become less responsive to its demands, its impact and become less able to realize them prayer the words spoken.


All the expressions of our prayers should be life rules

This is a problem that each of us must resolve in my life. All expressions of our prayer must be the life rules. If we said to God, asking His help against temptation, we need full purpose of soul, all his strength to avoid any chance to fall into temptation. If we told God that we are straining heart the idea that such and such a person in hunger, in thirst, in solitude we should hear the voice of God answers us: whom shall I send? (Isaiah 6:8) and to stand before Him and say: Here am I, Lord! (Isaiah 6:8) — and act immediately.

You can never afford to let procrastination, extraneous thought has penetrated into our good intention, wedged between the command of God and our act, because the thought of slipping back like a serpent will immediately suggest: “Wait!”, or: “do we really need to do this?”, “Isn’t there God has someone else more suitable for this case?”. And while we wriggle in the above, the energy we got from the prayer and answer from above, quenched in us.

It is very important. It is very important that we should establish between life and prayer themselves, an act of will, which is committed by us. It does not occur by itself, but it can to the depths to change our lives. Read the prayers offered to us by prayer, morning and evening prayers.

Choose some prayers, and make it a program of life, and you will see that this prayer will never bore you, will never fade because from day to day, it will hone it, life itself will give it sharpness.

If you morning asked the Lord to protect you from so-and-so needs such and such a temptation, such a problems, and they will fight as they should, with all his human abilities, to the best of his human weakness, with, as a sail by the wind, the breath of divine power, then in the evening you will accumulate many things to share with God. You can thank Him for filed help, you will have to repent in the way you this help ordered, you will be able joyfully to praise Him for what He has given you to fulfill your weak, frail hands, weak human hands His will, to be His seeing eye and His attentive ear, His presence, His love, His compassion incarnate, alive, and creative. All no one can do for each of us, otherwise life and prayer disperse.

Some time life goes on as it went on, and the prayer continues to splatter less clearly, less disturbs our conscience, its pressure weakens. And since life aggressively imposes its own requirements, and the prayer comes from God — God’s gentle, loving God Who calls us and never imposed by force, something’s dying prayer. And then we are to be comforted, saying that now we have realized our prayer life and our work now is our prayer.

We do not so treat our friends, to our families, to those whom we love. Of course, we do everything for them, what to do, but does it follow that we forget their heart that never think about them? Of course not! And really only God receives our service, but we never look in His direction, our heart does not light up with love when we hear His name? Is only God we serve with indifference? This is an occasion to learn something and make some conclusions.

We are called to be living members of the body of Christ

There is another aspect of prayer related to life is the inclusion of prayer in the life. We are at every moment confronted with situations that exceed our strength. If only we approached these situations with prayer, and then from hour to hour, from day to day, we would be more than enough occasions to ensure that our prayer became constant and did not stop.

Do we always remember that our human vocation transcends all human strength? After all, we are called to be living members of the body of Christ to be in some sense, all together, and each individually, a continuation of the incarnate presence of Christ in our day. We are called to be temples of the Holy spirit. Our mission is to be the only Begotten Son full of Christ, we are called to become partakers of the divine nature (2 Pet 1:4). That is our human vocation in its very nature. And moreover, this calling embraces all that is covered by the will and action of God.

We are called to be the presence of the Living God throughout the created world. Perhaps we could do something in this respect, unless God Himself would work in and through us? Of course not. How could we become living members of the Body of Christ? As we could receive the Holy spirit, become the temple where He dwells, and not to be opalennye this Divine fire? How we could really partake of the divine nature? And how do we, sinners, could do the work of charity, the divine love as we are thereunto called?


Is this not the basis for constant prayer? It needs to grow, become more demanding, so that we were grafted into the life-giving vine. Is in us is life, how can we bring some fruit, unless we do something? So obviously, if we want our prayer is not separated from life, that our prayer is not lost gradually force under the onslaught of the hard, cruel life under the attacks of the Prince of this world (Jn 12:31), we need to infuse our prayer to all that is our life, we have to dump her like a handful of yeast into the dough of our lives in all its entirety.

If waking up in the morning, we would have stood before God with the words: “Lord, bless me and bless this starting time!” and then I realized that entering a new day of creation, the day which never happened before, on a day that blooms like uncharted, infinitely profound possibility! If with God’s help we realized that come this day to make it the Ministry of Christians in power and in glory, which refers to this title as respectful as carefully, with a trembling joy, and with what hope, with what affectionate love we met would gradually unfolding before us day!

From hour to hour, we would accept him as a gift from God, every we face a circumstance we would accept as from the hand of God, no meeting would not be random, every person in our path, each reference to it would be a call to respond not as we sometimes speak only on the human level, and to respond with all the depth of that innermost heart of man (1 Pet 3:4), in the depths of which all the Kingdom of God and God Himself. And during this day we were not allowed to have a reverent feeling that we’re going through it with the Lord.

Every moment we have been in situations where you need wisdom, and we have had to ask about it, where you want power, and we have appealed to the Lord for strength where you need forgiveness again, because we have done wrong, or in situations which arouse in us the impulse of gratitude, because in spite of our blindness, our coldness, we have been given to do what we never could do alone. Examples can be numerous; clearly, what I’m saying. And then we will understand that life never stops us to pray, never! — because life is the living matter, where we throw the life-giving yeast a handful of — our prayer, our presence, to the extent that we are in God and God in us, or, at least, seek to Him, and He condescends to us.

You should be able soberly, wisely to give yourself a rest

Very often we could do that, but we prevent two things. First, the fact that we are not accustomed to the prayer effort. If you do not make this effort if we are not ready to gradually do more and more continuing effort, more permanent, more lasting, then after a short period of time, our spiritual energy, our mental energy, our ability to gather attention, and our ability to respond with all my heart for appearing before us events and people will be stopping.

On the other hand, the learning constant prayer, nourished life, we must act with sobriety, which we command the Fathers: it is necessary to move step by step, to remember that along with the feat of effort, there is the discipline of rest, there is a wise relationship to the body, the mind and the will, and that not without a break and struggling to aspire to the same goal.

You may remember an episode from the life of Saint John the theologian. It is told, that a hunter heard the beloved disciple of Christ lives in the mountains near Ephesus, and went to visit him. He reached the clearing and saw the old man, who on all fours was played among green grass with the Guinea fowl. The hunter came and asked, Hey have you heard the old man about John and where to find it. The old man said: “I am.” Hunter laughed in his face: “You John! It can not be! He wrote such a good message, will play with a bird!”.

And the elder said to him: “I see that you’re a hunter. When you walk through the woods, do you always hold the bow and arrow ready in case that suddenly you see the beast?” The hunter laughed again and said, “I knew that you were crazy. Who so walks in the woods? If the bow hold all the time stretched, the string will snap at the moment when I’ll need it!” — “So have I,’ replied John. If I continuously put forth all his strength of body and soul, at the moment when God is nigh, I got a hernia from the effort that can no longer stand it.”

You should be able soberly, wisely to give yourself the rest that is necessary in order to operate with all the pressure, all the power — not only ours, but also that we are given grace from above. Because grace is sent to us in the fragile vessel of our body, in our fragile mind, our heart, our will.

Doubt creeps in: “what if He does not respond?”

It raises a variety of challenges such as a lack of faith. Whoever we may be, whatever he engaged in, in the us there is often a moment of doubt, lack of deep faith. We speak often: “Intercessory prayer, petitionary prayer — a lower kind of prayer. The prayer of the monk, a Christian’s prayer, which reached some kind of maturity, — the prayer of thanksgiving and praise”. Of course, the ultimate goal and result is as follows.

After a lifetime in spiritual and physical feat when we are so detached from everything that is ready to accept from the hand of God as a precious gift, we can only thank Him and sing his praises. But have we reached this level? Is it not easier to thank God or glorify Him, especially in moments when our heart lights up from the touch of grace? Is it not easier to thank Him or sing after, than with faith to request the execution of some application?

Very often, people are quite able to praise and thank God, are not able to commit an act of wholehearted faith NeoAxis heart, necroplasma the mind, the will, wholly directed towards Him, because the doubt creeps in: “what if He does not respond?” Isn’t it easier to say “Thy will be done!”

And then it’s all right, because God’s will will be fulfilled in any case, I will remain within the divine will. And yet, so often, so constantly required of us more, in relation to an active life in the sense this word is understood in the West, of life, facing situations that are beyond us.

The disease has struck a loved one, famine struck the whole country. We would like to turn to God for help, and very often we are cowardly asking this help so that in the event of any outcome of our prayer could be attributed to this situation. We find out how to speak, find out: in the end God’s will will be done and we will be satisfied, but were we faith? The problem here for all those who are immersed in the activities and believed in the efficacy of prayer and the effectiveness of “inaction”.

If we want to work together with God, enough to let Him act freely, saying: “Lord, in any case, You’ll do it my way, and do that, I won’t stop You”. We must learn to discern the will of God, we must enter into the destiny of God, but to remember that sometimes the fate of God are sacred. Remember the Canaanite woman (MK 7:24-30). The evidence was staring me in the eyes, stunned hearing, she refused, and yet the strength of her faith and spiritual sensitivity have caught something else and she managed to persevere as if contrary to the will of God, in fact, in accord with the real will of the Savior. You should be able to look, we must look for the invisible trail of.

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