The world has lost many famous people in 2015. Perhaps unnoticed remained a caring man, known as “Egyptian Billy Graham.” Menes Abdul Noor was the pastor of the largest Evangelical churches in the middle East. Recently, a journalist MHN met his family and offers us the story of how God used the Evangelist to spread the gospel in the land of the ancient pharaohs.

Many outside of the continent don’t know about it, but the pastor Menes Abdul Noor was a giant of faith — not only in Egypt but throughout the middle East. This fearless Christian, despite fierce resistance, was introduced to Christ, hundreds of thousands of Muslims. In September last year, he died of Parkinson’s disease at the age of 85 years. Five days after the death of pastor Noor, I was invited to his house to meet his son Farid, daughter of violet and the widow Nadia. I wanted to extend my condolences and to hear about how he was their father and husband.

“He was a good-natured man. He was always smiling, he was treated with lightness, with love and a smile,” says Nadia Noor, the widow of the pastor of Nur.

Wife Nadia says that Menes she spent 65 years, two months and two days. She shared with him the care of the Ministry, and doing Church publications, conferences and radio broadcasts. But perhaps it is his simple message of hope, which he first began to share as a pastor in a small village in middle Egypt, most inspired her and others.

“He said, “I’m going there to preach, to tell people about Jesus Christ. I’m not going to live as a theologian. I’m going to reach out to people in simple words about Jesus, what the Bible says about Christ.” Since Menes only and did that tried to reach the hearts of people,” says Nadia Noor.

“His sermons were very lucid and moving. I was often convinced of the truth of his words,” says violet, the pastor’s daughter Nur:

Violet says that she also appreciated the gift of hospitality father. People often stayed at their house in the guest room. Some lived there for months. According to her, she will always remember special moments spent alone with his father.

“He was my friend. I could sit with him and talk about everything: about school, about various circumstances faced. He gave me advice. I loved and appreciated these moments,” says violet.

Son Fareed said that the father’s words not with deeds, “He believed. Many people disagreed with him, some fiercely, but he just believed in it — calm and confident, and everything turned around for his benefit,” he says.

In 2008, Noor left the pastoring. He was replaced by Sameh Maurice. He says that every day the pastor had received threats in letters, by email and on the phone: “We will kill you. We will kidnap your children. We’re gonna rape your wives”. And he was not afraid. This man overcame the spirit of fear and affected the whole Church, that she learned from this is courage,” says Sameh Maurice, pastor of the Church “Qasr El-Dobara”:

Nur many people are led to faith in Christ. For more than 30 years of his pastoral Ministry, the number of regular parishioners of the Church “Qasr El-Dobara” has grown from 300 in 1976 to eight thousand today. The members of his Church family, and those who worked with him say they will miss the man they called “Abuna”, the “father of Menes”.

Ibrahim Fawzi began working as a driver pastor Noor in 1999.

“He taught me to love people, — says Ibrahim Fawzi. — He taught me humility, because Jesus Himself was humble. He taught me to show love to others without expecting anything in return, because fruitful Ministry is the greatest blessing to which everyone should aspire honest servant.”

Sharif’s first meeting with Noor, when he was senior pastor of the Church “Qasr El-Dobara”.

“I was very young, but his message penetrated deep into the heart and was very accurate, that’s why I love him so much!”, recalls Sharif.

Customers with the saxophone in the Church worship team. Pastor Nour he calls a blessing: “Father Menes had always poured out the joy in everyone’s heart, the people he encountered. We loved him so much! Though I am sad for his passing, he deserves to regain his crown in heaven. As it is written: “for the committed”.

“Baba, I love you so much! “In eternal memory of the righteous will”. Menes Abdul Noor still speaks, even though he is no longer with us,” says Ibrahim Fawzi.

“I miss him. Passing through the door, entering his office, I reminisce and I’m filled with emotion. But he didn’t die. He’s even more alive than I am,” says Dr. Farid Noor.

“I will miss his company, his love, his words. I raise my heart and eyes to God, says Nadia Noor. — Menes said, “Give all the glory to God, all glory to Jesus. I am only an earthen vessel, but with treasure inside. And that treasure is Jesus Christ.”

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