“We’ve all been through it,” said the monk about my exams

“The monk sat down and said, “don’t worry, we’ll pray for you!” I was so relieved, and I thought: “Happy is the man! Don’t have to think about exams. That would be in his place!”” – about the trials of being left behind – Archimandrite Andrew (Konnos).

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I still sometimes pass the exams

Archimandrite Andrew (Konnos)

Today I want to repeat only one sentence. But I’ll try to say it in other words. What is the phrase? All will be well. Hope, believe and pray that you have successfully passed the exams. To adequately replied and got good grades.

Dear grandparents! Dear parents! If you think that now I mean the exams in a figurative sense – for example, difficulties and trials in life or our response to the judgment, – no, now I do not know. Today I want to talk about those exams that have to pass to your children. It is about them now will be discussed.

And you young people – boys and girls.

And if the receiver now only adults, youth somewhere is missing, – then, dear mom, dad, aunt or uncle, try to have your children heard these words later, and may they be comforted and provokatsia. Because the exam is so difficult, so exhausting. Remember: because your child has not even started to attend school, already was preparing for it! So many years lasts the whole school…

So today I will speak with you, my young friends.

Just think: you have so many years of learning, doing, tired, Wake up in the morning a little light – all the young the years pass: in the classroom, in the constant fatigue. Winter, summer, in class, with Tutors… And now comes the crucial point: all the years of your study will need to fit on a sheet of paper. That is, three or four leaves will concentrate all your knowledge. In a matter of minutes will decide your fate, your future. A few suggestions that you write a few pages of decide what University, what faculty you do.

Nerves are on edge. Understand. I see your excitement, cold sweat, see you endlessly swallow coffee for textbooks the night away, feel your heartbeat. Isn’t that right? Overvoltage. You constantly argue with your parents – they yell at you, you shout at them here and quarrel. Or do you lose heart, and then suddenly start on something to hope for, but in a moment fear again, thinking: “still nothing happens”. Looking at a mountain of textbooks, I remember how much you don’t know and exaggerating the situation, has taken his failure as a done deal. Now if you didn’t and never did, here are the preliminary thoughts.

My child, it’s your personality. You have hypersensitivity. You are a very sensitive person and take everything more serious than it really is. And not only you: all young people are like that. And you – including. Since you’re young, you have such high sensitivity, you are not yet able to take life objectively, calmly and confidently. The weight until you can’t handle – no matter how much you pumping iron in the gym. Yes, there you are strong. But with life’s trials and you don’t do it. Because it’s really hard and always unexpected.

It is difficult to learn, difficult to pass the exams. And life is so beautiful! Attracts you so much, so many events and adventures! Movies, music, different singers, actors, sports activities, walking, meeting friends, cafes, shops – loads of it! And around saying, “Stop all this, get to do!” And you start to protest: “Why should I do? I’m young, beautiful, blood boiling, I want to live! I don’t want to sit at home and make. And with the Tutors, the constant tests, again and again. Can’t teach those tickets, prepare reports, essays… It is not impossible, it is not given… the Horror, how many problems!”

What I’m saying? Just to let you know that I understand you. A little, to some extent, but understand, sympathize and say with a full understanding of the complexity of your situation, your difficulties. Difficulties that drives the stress, which suppress. And I, and all those who ever enrolled in College, have gone through it. But ahead of you will have a lot of exams: driver’s license, and a certificate in English, German or any another language; or some kind of musical competition-for example, on a piano; or to receive any diplomas, certificates – you name it, a lot of variants who does what.

I still sometimes pass the exams! And each time experiencing the same feeling and then, at eighteen, when you were doing it for the first time, entering the University. And every time it is experienced again, although I have for many years.

This feeling of uncertainty, that excitement, that feeling that we have solved the question of your life. The same panic, the same fear, cold sweat, stress, stiffness still the same as it was then. And other people in a similar situation nervous, too: some people go back and forth over the audience, the other teasing the hair, picking your nose – in General, all the experience in their own way.

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“We’ve all been through it,” said the monk

I remember in high school I decided to go for a weekend in a monastery near Athens, to quietly work out there alone. Took their books and went. In the monastery no one spoke for nothing, the monks worked in complete silence, and, while there, I felt their prayer, why a soul has got great comfort.

And in some moment when I was sitting on a textbook, someone knocked on the door and in came a monk with a tray. I still remember that he brought me orange juice, dried fruit and some cookies. The monk sat down and said, “don’t worry, we’ll pray for you!” I was so relieved, and I thought: “Happy is the man! Don’t have to think about exams. That would be in his place! I would be all for it given! To be like him: free, independent, and no entrance exams. If you could make sure that he went to take the exams instead of me – how wonderful it would be!” That’s what I was thinking at the time.

Closer to the evening to unwind a little bit, I decided to go to icon-painting workshop of the monastery. Worked there four monks painted icons. I specifically asked permission from the senior obedience, because in workshops an outsider can’t come in – there can be only own.

– Come and sit a moment, let me a senior. – But that’s what you in the icon-painting workshop? They don’t do anything that you would be interested. Don’t even talk. Just write icons.

Yeah I’m just a little look at them, ‘ I replied and went to the painters.

What a calm was these monks! And I sat, watched them and thought about their books. The monks took paint mixed with egg yolk, picked up the colors, shades.

And they’re happy! I thought. – I so unlucky. Again and again have to deal with. They have a quiet, calm…

The sun was setting and made their way past the rays in the Studio was so peaceful, and I have such a panic… the Monks worked in silence: the writing of icons requires a lot of focus and prayer. And suddenly one of them suddenly turned to me:

– Exams, right? And we took it.

And smiled.

And I reservices, said in response:

– Why are you laughing? You say that like it’s easy. No, it is not easy!

We’ve all been through it, ‘ said the monk. And added:

– Will get you. Nothing to worry about.

Again I was nervous. Say do not understand that and think it’s some kind of universal wisdom! And, not agreeing, I muttered to myself:

– So, father, okay? I’d you in my place! I would go instead of me, if that’s okay… Sitting here yourself, pick paint, draw, and I say: “Nothing!” I do not want to live, and you’re so easy to relate to this…

Several years passed, I finished school and entered the University. I got in, I sighed with relief, it was happiness! And then I remembered the words of a monk-painter. “And he was right! – I thought. He said that there is nothing wrong it all goes away. And it’s true – it’s all over.”

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