What do we know about fasting? Test yourself!

Fasting is an ascetic exercise, involving abstinence from food or certain types. Our quiz will help determine whether you understand what it’s all about the person.

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  • Post. The answers to the questions
  • The Dormition fast in August: why?
  • Why fast the Dormition fast?
  • Dormition fast: go from the outside

1. Who are the heroes of the old Testament kept many days of posts?

all of these characters

2. Weekly post on Wednesday erected in memory:

the post the Savior in the desert
the capture of the Savior
the betrayal of Judas
denial of Peter

3. What, according to the Tradition of the Church, should be spent the money saved during lent?

the Church
to help the poor
for gifts to others
posts from ancient times are more expensive than the periods of the carnivore

4. This feast reminded of a non-strict (allowed food with oil) post.

The Assumption Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

5. Obligatory fast before Communion is:

a week
three days
communion should be fasting

6. How much time does the fast before the feast day of saints apostles Peter and Paul?

forty days
a week
two weeks
in different years different

7. According to the Charter, this day should not be a meal.

Christmas eve
Epiphany eve
The first day of lent
Great Saturday

8. St Spyridon, taking the stranger into a fast day, feed him the meat. The very same Holy

limited conversation with the guest, but the meal refused
just pretend to eat
he ate with the guest
put yourself instead of at the table his daughter

9. What is the punishment provided by the canons of the Church for violators of lent?

post from Easter to Pentecost
you want to give to the poor

10. This festival, falling on a rigorous multi-day post, always allowed to eat fish.

The Annunciation
The Transfiguration Of The Lord
Forty martyrs of Sebaste
Iznesenie life-giving tree of the cross





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