What do you remember about life in Prostokvashino? test

December 22, children’s writer Eduard Uspensky would have turned 81 years old. “Pravmir” offers to remember one of the most famous cartoons based on his books, about the adventures in the village Prostokvashino. How well do you know the statements of the characters?

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1. How to put a sandwich in your mouth: sausage or sausage up into language?

sausage up
sausage into the language
anyway, just would not have fallen

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2. You need to make a hole in the wall to block?


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3. Where to buy meat?

on the market
no need to buy, you have to go hunting

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4. Go crazy alone. And that, according to dad, uncle Theodore, do together?

go for mushrooms
sick with the flu
go to a Spa

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5. Why is the postman Pechkin was harmful?

because galchonok stole his Olympic ruble
because his bike was not
because through his hat now good pasta discard

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6. That whole year my mom uncle Theodore?

with a frying pan worked
like in Sochi
bought dresses for resort

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7. What, according to Pope’s uncle Fyodor, you need to remove the strictness and anger is?

to go to the resort and take dresses
to go to Buttermilk
to get a second child

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8. In this weather (snow) your sitting at home watching TV. And someone else?

hanging around
kind of hangin’

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9. Who is the cat Matroskin working on gutalinovoy factory?

Ivan Fedorovich Kruzenshtern

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