Evangelical Christians — one of the staunchest supporters of President trump. One of the reasons is Vice-President Mike Pence, who was himself an Evangelical. He spoke about the role played by Christians in the White house trump.

Mr. Pence, we notice how Evangelical Christians are getting more access to this administration. This refers, for example, opponents of abortion or proponents of the promotion of the principles of Evangelical Christians in politics. But in addition, the Cabinet conducts classes in Bible study, prayer in the oval office. Evangelicals across the country are saying: “wow! In Washington something new!” What happens — as we would say “spiritually” — in the White house?

“I believe that the President of the trump experiences in the heart of gratitude to the Evangelical Christians of the country. I must tell you that the pleasant words we hear the President, and we hear very often is when people take us by the hand and say, “We pray for you.” I stood with the President in the oval office, when the present religious leaders were asked to pause for a moment for prayer, and the President readily agreed. I think he’s very grateful and thankful to the believers for support. And let me be clear: President trump is a believer. And I do too. And we recognize the role of faith in the life of this country. I think the Americans will be pleased to know that the President is Donald trump, they have a leader that recognizes, respects and values the role of faith and understands the importance of religion in the lives of our families, our cities and our country. And it will always be to understand it,” replied Michael Pence.

Evangelicals expressed their gratitude to President Trump after he acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
Museum “Friends of Zion” presented him the award “Friend of Zion” in the White house. This Jerusalem Museum dedicated to the history of the Jewish people and Gentiles who defended him.

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