What kind of society – such school, what kind of adults such children

When the search of the tutor can hurt, and when to be helpful, is there an ideal education system that this school concentrated on teaching how to make the graduates said, “I don’t know what to do next”, and why without faith in the child will not be a real teacher. Says Vladimir Pogodin, the teacher of school No. 1535 and the “New school”, the author of the training books on mathematics for students, the absolute winner of all-Russian contest “i-Teacher” in 2018.

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Tutor is a tool, but what we want to

I have no relation to the tutoring as something good or bad. Tutors – are part of a system of education, which on an industrial scale emerged out of necessity – there were games with high stakes. As soon as he gained strength the unified state examination, to issue the need to get into the Institute. And Tutors is now mainly prepared so that it has a high price – for the exam or Olympiad, which became a significant source of preferences.

There is no definite answer whether to refer to the Tutors. There are times when a tutor is needed, because at school, the child is not ready, and the exam must pass. There are times when school is taught well, and parents worry or even panic. In the first case the teacher, rather, we need, and in the second probably not. Tutoring has become a very complicated cultural phenomenon, but from the education system it is already inseparable.

On the one hand, it’s weird when guys even in specialized classes parents hire Tutors for core subjects. On the other hand, a tutor involved with the student individually and this approach most of the children in mass school loses. So many parents are set up that the child will help, explain to personally adapt to it, and are willing to spend the money. For example, I have not spent on Tutors penny – my child prepared himself and entered, but I spent money on school, where he taught, so they did not use the Tutors.

Vladimir Pogodin

Here it is necessary to examine each specific situation and most importantly to work with the child. Let’s not forget that the Tutors hired by the parents, they gave money and I think now this is gonna lead. But what, exactly? What we want to?

Many parents believe that the main thing – to go to College, but at the Institute they will likely will no longer pay for Tutors. Begins the real study, based on self-reliance.

But the tutoring and self – reliance is a little bit different things, in my opinion. If a person has a tutor, maybe there’s something wrong with autonomy.

But if a parent lays straw, hiring a tutor if it is a certain disbelief in the possibility of your own child, in this case, it can hurt.

For a child is very harmful, when it is regarded as a tool, as a means of income elsewhere. The child has an independent value, he is a man. And, in my opinion, has the right to think and choose what to do, what he is inclined.

If a parent believes in the child, and the child himself understands that he needs to pull an object, and it is the result of some kind of awareness, then it makes sense to find a specialist who will advise. And I know of cases where the Tutors helped the children understanding where to go. They were engaged not so much the subject as the man pulled on some level of self-determination. It is very useful and important, and when such a tutor, that child was very lucky.

I repeat: tutoring is a tool that leads to a certain result. If there is a demand for such tools, then the educational system has become more sharpened on the same measurable result of the exam, the preferences in the University and so on. And while there is such a situation, the number of Tutors will increase.

Relation to the school as a place where to gain knowledge self-deception

To the question “What are today’s kids and school?”, I will answer very simply: what kind of society, and this school, which the adults and the children. If an adult appreciates independence and these adults are single, grow independent children. If the adult believes that the child should constantly guide, encourage, motivate, children, to be given, be motivated by, but to stand and wait, while with them will not make it. Children are dependent on adults, and nothing to do.

A specific child and school can be arbitrary. The overall patterns do not fit. And much depends on the culture of the school. If the bureaucratic school, the children will understand that adults do not care about them. And there is a caring school where children know that adults care about them, but not stifle this concern. And they grow up any other way.

Relation to the school as a place where to get knowledge, is one of the most popular Samoobrona. Half of the children come to gain knowledge, but in fact they do not study, and basically do what adults say.

Yes, we again rested in adult. We don’t know how to work with teenagers, and just sit and wait, when they are raging. But there are people who know. It’s all about the people, not in any system. Ideal system of education at all.

Take, for example, the Finnish education system. It is the opposite of ours, it is configured on the personal potential of each individual student, while accompanied by, and says that he needs to do something. The student is attentive, but do not make it. And now they grow there, in a different paradigm, and face other challenges.

Recently I was told that the problem of Finnish education is that children do not want high achievement. “Well I’ll be a janitor or a plumber to feed your family will be able to. And I will live in peace”. And teachers consider it a feature that you want to work and even correct.

We very rarely reflektiruet over what we do. In school the teachers rarely communicate with each other. How often have you seen that teachers come to other lessons, and not open, or are the lessons together? It’s not in the culture of most schools.

Teachers are highly atomized. And if you take the student as the product, it turns out that we do some part of the product, but in General no one sees him.

There is no team that would together and decided, what are we doing? You teach math, I am Russian, he’s physics – what is the result? We don’t know who it turns out, who we want to see – all identical, all different, all special? Who?

Without faith teachers will not

If the teacher believes the child, he ceases to be a teacher in the most important sense. But it could happen, and it is our common problem – when we do not believe that the child may grow over themselves. Victor Frankl was a picture: a ship sailing on the sea, and the wind that blows. So, if we hold the course to the point where we are going, without taking into account the wind, it will never arrive. Us wind will blow and we will be somewhere else. And if we child always pronounce it is – “Oh you’re so bad, I don’t understand” – we do not consider the wind and will never come to that child that they want to see.

We need to believe in him, that he can handle that challenge him. Do not force to go there and believe in it.

Without faith teachers will not. And children feel very good when the teacher – a formalist who wants something to achieve them, and when the teacher believes that they will succeed. And this faith is enough that the children showed increased ability. This is confirmed by numerous studies.

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When I was in school, the math teacher was my favorite teacher. She yelled at students, but this cry, I saw her pain for us. And she was so excited when we understand. Remember, she corrected my mistakes not red and blue pen, and put five. And these five were brought up much more than those two, which could be put. I have two version of the checklist for the lesson.

Main thing is that the school has changed, not mathematics

Mathematics as one of the most beautiful and free Sciences in the schools, in General, there are only few teach it mathematics. Basically there is a formal decision task and a mandatory exam, which need to pass. And the rights my colleague Vladimir Gorovits, saying that the school is studied not quite mathematics. Math gives you the opportunity, as Paul said Lockhart, to play with abstractions. And we don’t play, we have to get a mark, and teach counting, formulas, axioms, theorems… Teach for doctrine.

So what we say about school mathematics that is associated with boredom and some basic things, or talking about the mathematics as about the freedom of invention of things and understanding of some laws?

There are no people incapable of mathematics. Mathematics is such a basic thing that exists in every human being.

Let’s compare with music. In principle, it perceives each and then someone bear ear comes. Here is the same. And this bear can be called – as a rule, we teachers very well step on some internal organ and repel in children internal mathematical skills.

Main thing is that the school has changed, not mathematics. If the teacher comes Bang material, mathematics will be ruined, and so almost all the items.

And if we do not learn mathematics is the backbone of the subject and language Sciences we will not do. But do science in school? Now, as a rule, profanity, except for a few schools. But when we consider these schools close, will reach the specific people who are interested. It was about us.

In the 179th school, the pupils come to the teacher and all working together, and they are interested in. Understand, the child should be interested to solve the problems, and if he decides you need examples, because he said so, he’s not doing math. But if the child is not interested, maybe he caught the person who he is interested?

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Teens in General and don’t always understand why they need it, no matter what we offered, because it is a function of adolescents, because it is not their, and adults. And I don’t like about the child saying that everything is lost. Nothing is missing, it is important to awaken the human inside.

“What are we going to do – can offer themselves”

When I come to the disciples and ask, what are we going to do, I answer “I don’t know. You can communicate with each other, can sit in the phone, you can do what I suggest, but can offer themselves.” And this is no joke. Understand, the main drawback of the school is that it is trying to manage what, in principle, can not control the choice of children, and especially teenagers. Until the end of elementary school all in relative order, children learn follow the instructions, and then begin critically to treat us.

And we need to arrange things so that they understand what you do, and chose it themselves. We have the guys even was such a project – what to do to not ask, “What are we doing today”. And we came up with the manifests of the doctrine, determining that you need to start actually learning.

Of course, I explain that I’ll tell you a lesson, reveal what they will do about it, and acquire this. But everyone chooses it himself – to turn away or to do.

Computer science, like mathematics, is about understanding reality, but with the use of technology. If you can make a sign that will help to solve the problem? Can create a beautiful document? Able to write and debug the program? But in addition to programming and technology and theoretical computer science. To understand how the information world, what is the number system coded and transmitted, how it all actually works is very interesting.

Come to class and saw a man sitting in the phone. Sometimes I stop and say, “Sure, I understand, in this case a much stronger stimulus than any man around. And there, perhaps, more interesting. But at this moment you are here and now. And I’m not sure that it’s your choice to hang there.”

And it’s my job to get guys in the “here and now” that we plunged into this life that surrounds us. It is important to dive into the process of “here and now”. And if this is not happening in the classroom, it is not a lesson but something else. Unfortunately, the lion’s share of time in a regular school people are busy than anything but not “be here now”. Often tell a parable: “the kung fu Master asked: “How do you not lose a single battle?”, and he said, “I just participated in every battle””. That’s what we all are lacking today.

What is the doctrine? The concentration of the doctrine takes place anywhere, school or no school. When the child can concentrate here and now on time on reflection, and as it turns out, in these moments, he begins to learn. But I don’t know how to do it at the system level. The school has other tasks associated with the formal counting of a “measurable result”. But counting the people’s choice – is very difficult.

The school concentrated on the teaching, is when, on the one hand, individuality manifests itself, develops, and on the other hand, always does it in the environment, because bad to be alone, because without another person, only in books or in interaction with robots, teaching will not take place in principle. It is very important to understand. As Vygotsky said, the meaning of actions in the other person. It is not in ourselves, not for ourselves we do it.

And well, when the lessons have the opportunity to have someone to talk to, to ask another friend to learn. One teacher is never enough. And we’re not for marks come to school, but for understanding and skill. At the beginning of the lesson you didn’t know how to convert one model to another, but in the end I understand – it’s your asset. If you spent the lesson in the phone, you got something else, but this new with a high probability is not received. And the main thing that would not had lived it, was not involved in this, just missing.

The main claim of the children to me – I often explain a little, have a lot to deal with. Yes, I confronted them with the challenges and try to understand yourself, it is more useful. But when I feel that a man came to the border where I can’t, he’s plugging – I’m going to help. You cannot abandon your children.

Want student burned

Of course, the school should be not only lessons, they need a life, communication. Children in the vast majority of cases does not remember what happens in the classroom, and, in principle, for them it is not so important. People hurt things more humane order and a trip to go and the guitar come to the office to play, and talk to the teacher about life. And well, when there’s time.

I want the person who came to school all these years was engaged in the image itself – could not have been educated in such pragmatic terms – the knowledge, skills, went out and kicked the door closed: “Finally”. No! That he lived obrazujas, and that education eventually meet him. Because the school imposes a different way, do you wear it as a mask, and years later: “Where do I go to learn what I know about myself?”

Remember that one of our valedictorian at the graduation said, “I don’t know what to do, what I want. Here I was told to want, and I was protected. And now do not understand.” I don’t want that. It is important that people understand that school is a part of this world that it is formed here not for school, not for grades, and in order to live in this world. Want the disciple was burning.

To recapture interest in life at the school, and for some people school is doing well.

Often criminals that go against all laws of humanity, are the people who badly studied at school. But there is a flip side of the coin – what school did to them because they went bad?

Including why faith is so important in each child. We are without this faith perish as a teacher. By the way, many parents – a full-fledged teacher. It is therefore often argued, because the function is shared and must be negotiated. In my opinion, the more real teachers have a person, the better.

And the main task of parents at all times – to love and support children, regardless of what happened to him at school or anywhere else.

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