What life is like for refugees from genocide of ISIS return home

Hundreds of thousands of people were forced to flee because of the bloodshed of ISIS. Among those who saved their lives fleeing during the genocide of ISIS, there is one father and son. They survived by a miracle. Now they have a special mission — to acquaint America with the people behind the headlines.

Imagine yourself in the place of this boy, Noah Bino. You know that ISIS is about to invade your city. And you know very well that they will probably kill you and most everyone you know. In this situation, the eight family members of Noah woke up one night in 2014.

“We all were afraid when they heard that the ISIS terrorists are coming to our city. It was very scary,” recalls Noah Bino.

Christine Wright of the Ministry “Open doors” says that the troops defending the city Karemlesh, fled from ISIS. Christians survived only because the local priests of the Chaldean Church walked in the night all the houses and warned the people that they quickly evacuated.

“Of course, we were very scared. I quickly rounded up his entire family in the car and we went out of town,” confirms her words Bino Haytham, the father of Noah.

These Christians heard quite close crackle of gunfire and the whistle of bullets in the course of that night’s escape. But now, given the recent defeat of ISIS, the family of Noah were able to return, but only to find his home almost completely looted and destroyed.

“We were very happy when he returned to his hometown, but at the same time, it pains us to see that our house burned down — and neighbors’ houses,” says Haitham.

“When we returned, I hurried to his house, but saw that it burned. I was very upset, because he was very new, we only recently built, and now it burned” — says Noah.

But Noah ready to re-establish life in this city on the Nineveh plain, where the Christians still speak Aramaic, the language spoken by Jesus. Noah still deciding whom to become in the future, but wants to be a footballer or a teacher.

This family could well be dead. She lost almost all his property. And they could spend years in a refugee camp. It was an ordeal, but…

“It had absolutely no effect on us. On the contrary, it only strengthened our faith,” says Haitham Bino.

Christine Wright of the organization “Open doors” says that American Christians could learn from their persecuted for the faith brothers and sisters in Christ, whom she meets around the world.

“My heart literally breaks when I see all the things that worry Christians. But I’m absolutely amazed by the joy that they experience, and the strength that they have. So I think there is hope in the midst of despair — even for Christians in the middle East. So more than ever they need our prayers and our actions,” says Christine Wright.

Christians are sometimes criticized for the fact that each crisis, they respond with prayer, but Christine says it’s really important.

“Personally I, being in Iraq, met with Church leaders who told me that they feel the prayers of Christians around the world, says Christine Wright. — Therefore, prayer is very important, but it can’t stop.”

She says she needs donations to assist people like of Noah.

“Now we are rebuilding homes on the Nineveh plain, because the Christians come back”, says Christine Wright.

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