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More than 1,700 journalists, 4 hours – hosted the annual press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The most important thing is in quotes.

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  • Putin spoke about the problems with the control over execution of national projects in the regions
  • Putin on the situation with the Church in Ukraine: This was not from the Soviet Union
  • People have the right to defend their point of view at meetings, but within the law – President
  • Putin on raising the retirement age, the Country was forced to do it

About the economy and the welfare of the population

After a long break insignificant, but still positive trend of growth of real disposable income. According to recent reports, it amounted to 0.5%. I hope that this trend will continue, as rising real wages in 10 months of this year is 7.4 percent, and by the end of the year is expected at 6.9%, about 7%.

For the first 10 months of this year, GDP grew 1.7 percent, the economy Ministry forecast for the year to 1.8%. In 2021 the government expects (to ensure GDP growth of 3% — ed.), and then more. Therefore, I expect that is all we can do. Probably, some variations are possible. But most importantly, we need to go into another League of economies, but not only by volumes. To take fifth place in terms we are quite capable.

About inflation and rising prices

I hope that this will be a one-time phenomenon and even a small growth can be prices, inflation at the beginning of the year will be and then it (the inflation — ed.) will decline.

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About rap

Regarding the arrest of rappers, I agree with you. It’s useless, it’s counterproductive, nothing good about it. However, as nothing good in the fact that, as You said, they’re singing with materkom — and let them sing.

About recycling

We need to build up to 2024 200 processing plants. I don’t know if this is enough, but at least 200 we have to do. It certainly is not about some “stoves”, which only degrade the environment from waste incineration, and about the most modern enterprises. We need to go this route.

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About socialism

“The deep change of society is such that restoration of socialism <…> is impossible. It [the restoration of socialism] is always associated with spending more income in the end — with the impasse in the economy. Possible elements of socialization of the economy, the social sphere”, – Putin said equitable distribution of resources, the desire to minimize the level of poverty, providing citizens with health services and education on acceptable terms.

The situation with Orthodoxy in Ukraine

What is happening in Orthodoxy, as we people say, the mind boggles. This is direct state interference in the Church, religious life. This has never happened before since the days of the Soviet Union.

That the Secretary of state [USA] called to Kyiv and discussed these issues, it is in any gate not climbing, it is absolutely unacceptable thing, but, nevertheless, it happens. It is further proof that this was done in anticipation of the election campaign and to further the gap between the Russian and Ukrainian peoples, it is political, of course, the background, there’s nothing good

My biggest concern is that this will be a redistribution of property. It is, in fact, is already underway, it can get very severe, if not bloody, he said Wednesday during a press conference in Moscow. — God forbid it comes to that, I would not like. Just feel sorry for people who defend their interests, defenseless, unarmed, as a rule, elderly people, women. The danger of this redistribution, of course, exist.

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On revenues and expenses of top managers and their children

Vladimir Putin has promised to pay attention to the costs of the children of top managers of “Gazprom”. “You always have to keep track of costs and flights, we have to see what they were doing there and what kind of football watched,” said he, answering the question of the journalist, who reported that children of members of the Board of “Gazprom” do not hesitate to upload pictures of luxury of flying on a business jet to Italy to watch football.

The President reminded that “Gazprom” sponsoring foreign football clubs such as Schalke 04 in Germany.

“Why sponsoring? Because it works there actively, in Germany, in Italy work, should be supported. Although all is well in the bounds of common sense, we must always carefully monitor the situation. The fact that you drew attention to it, that’s right. I also see where they’re flying and on what”, — concluded the President.

The gap between the income of Russian top-managers and ordinary citizens is, in Russia it is necessary to “dramatically” reduce the number of citizens living below the poverty line.

The widening gap between the rich and the poor is a global trend that exists in the major economies. As an example, he cited the United States.

About the credibility of the media

“Before, everything was politicized in the Soviet time, and now very much commercialized. So the credibility of the media to a large extent undermined from so many people, all is already divided by 100, by 1000 from what I read, I see” he said, noting that the vocation of the media inherent in the formula “force in truth”.

Only speaking the truth, the media “can win the confidence of millions of people,” said the President of the Russian Federation: “it is certainly in the realm of issues that are critical for our country, for the world, we should strive to be as objective as possible. It is not important to me, it is important for all of us. I hope that this trend still exists, I think the last time, I hope that he will survive.”

Changes in the law on NGOs-foreign agents

“Here I meet with human rights defenders, and they point to some elements of the costs of this law related essentially charitable activities, not political. I think they are right in this sense”, — said Putin.

“It [the law] should not interfere with normal life, interfere with honest, decent people who want to solve existing problems, including through the support of like-minded people from abroad. There is nothing terrible”.

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On pension reform

Putin recalled that in early 2000 he was strongly against raising the retirement age, because then “and life expectancy was low, and the ratio of working population and pensioners was acceptable.”

“Now it’s dramatically changed. The fact that the trends are that the number of employees becomes less and less, and the number of pensioners increases. Yes, five to seven years we will live in peace. But will these five to seven years and the country will be forced to do it. But have to do it abruptly, without any transition periods, without any exemptions, including for women. Here’s the thing,” he said. “If it were not for the understanding of these trends, I would never be allowed to do it”, — said Putin.

He added that he understood that increasing the retirement age will be followed by criticism. “These things are unpleasant, and is clear that no will not cause delight. But inevitably”.

Of torture in prisons

Of course, the facts are out there (in the FSIN – ed.) emerge-is completely unacceptable. Violations of the law, torture is a crime and these crimes should be punished.

To say that that’s all they need to break, too, would be wrong. You need to improve the system and need to increase the level of civilian control. I agree with this completely.

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On the death of the journalists in the CARS

It is a tragedy. But they came to Africa not as journalists, and tourists. According to reports today, the attempt made some local groups. As far as I know, there goes the investigation, reliable data, unfortunately, not yet, but we hope that they will be received. Through diplomatic channels we are keeping the situation under control and I hope that at least someday we will know what really happened there.

About the protests in France and the right of citizens to Express their opinions

“What’s the difference between our situation and the situation in France, associated with gasoline, oil products and so on? The French government went deliberately to increase the prices of petroleum products and gasoline. They did it themselves, it is their policy. They did this in order to reallocate resources thus,” — said Putin. Russia, unlike France, has taken measures on stabilization of prices for gasoline.

According to the President, he considers it necessary to ensure citizens ‘ rights to Express their position, including at public events. “But all of these activities, including the public, must remain within the law. Everything that goes beyond the law, is unacceptable, it needs to be a corresponding reaction”, — said Putin.

On the financing of housing construction

The necessary transition to the new model of attraction of means of citizens in the construction, even if this will lead to a decrease in the volume of housing commissioning.

“We must go to the civilized ways of financing this sector, even if this will lead to some reduction in the construction sector”, — said the President.

The problem of defrauded co-investors will never be solved, if not stop the practice of “irresponsible attraction of money of citizens developers,” believes the head of state.

Banning the dollar in Russia

No ban on dollar circulation in Russia is not and will not: “with regard to de-dollarization, it is due solely to the transactions between business entities, and nothing to do with citizens.”

Putin said that the citizens, in particular, raises questions the new law that prohibits outdoor scoreboard with exchange rates, whether it is connected with some kind of ban on the circulation of dollars. “Nothing of the sort and never will be, I want to reassure all”, — assured the President.

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On doping

First, to a large extent we are to blame for the situation that has been created, — Putin said. Because doping was. Another thing is that we try to impose the idea that it was at the state level, but it is not, never was and never will be. Work on the fight against doping conducted colossal, but the problem was not fully resolved.

About the main events of the year

Presidential elections and the world Cup.

About the help of a three-year Vladislav Shestakov, the patient with cancer

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin promised to help to move to Moscow for treatment a three-year Vladislav Shestakov from the city of Cheremkhovo of the Irkutsk region, which needed an expensive operation.

“We will help”, — said the head of state during a press conference in response to the appeal of the journalist from Vladivostok who reported that the family needs help.

(The three-year old Vladislav Shestakov from the city of Cheremkhovo diagnosed with severe cancer — retroperitoneal neuroblastoma in the fourth degree. According to the charitable Foundation “Happy children” metastases affected almost the entire skeleton of a boy. Previously, the Fund began fundraising for the operation in Spain, however, a few days ago on his official page, it was reported that the fundraiser is closed because the doctors did not recommend the child for such a long flight).

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About domestic drugs

Domestic medicines are not worse than abroad, said Vladimir Putin. You need to restore order in the industry is multidimensional, including to deal with the thesis that our counterparts are worse than the imported ones.

“It is not, they are no worse. Need to doctors who prescribe these drugs, less worked with producers and think more about the treatment of the patient,” he said.

This does not mean you have to completely get rid of foreign drugs: in the case where the drug imported is really shown, it should be assigned. In Russia, even export drugs: this year will send drugs on 700 million roubles. And in the Russian market to 30% in the price dimension is domestic products, in packages — 60%.

“We now produce, say, 80% of essential medicines. More and more not just generics, which we take from abroad, and the initial substance is made in Russia”, — said the President.

He also recalled that in Russia up to 2020 works program of development of pharmaceutical industry funding provided about 200 billion rubles.

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