Franklin Graham organized a world summit in defense of persecuted Christians, which was held in Washington from may 10 to 13, 2017, Informed the Reverend Franklin Graham told the “Global Christian news”, why he decided to convene this summit and what he hopes to achieve.

MHN: Why did you decide to hold a summit in the capital of the United States?

Franklin Graham, Evangelist, President of the Evangelical Association of Billy Graham:
We got him in Washington to attract the most attention. We want the President’s administration, members of Congress, and State Department met with these Christians and learned of their suffering.

MHN: At this event were Vice-President Michael Penny. How significant was his presence and the message that he addressed to the congregation?

Of course, when you manage to force the White house to devote some time and attention to what you say, it’s extremely useful. And Vice President of the Penny has been active in protecting Christians. However, not only Vice President and President, Donald trump is determined to protect the Christians. I thank God that we finally got an administration that listens to the voice of the suffering Church around the world.

MHN: You very often expressed during the eight years of the Obama presidency. Do you agree that now for those who have gathered here in Washington, and to millions of people around the world, there is someone in the White house in this administration who cares about them, who is going to protect them and speak on their behalf?

Undoubtedly, this is a breath of fresh air. And it’s a breath of fresh air from God, because they listen to the people of God, what we’ve seen under President Obama. He would never even have acknowledged that there is “Islamic terrorism”. He didn’t use that phrase. But now we have a President who is not afraid to speak these words. He calls their names, and he’s willing to speak out in defense of Christians.

MHN: are you Concerned about what is happening with the United States? Are Christians persecuted in the US?

No doubt. One of the main problems is secularism and the gay-lesbian movement. Of course, I have nothing against homosexuals and do not intend to pursue them. On the contrary, I so love them that I want to warn you that their lifestyle is contrary to God and His standards. But we see attacks on Christians by the members of the LGBT movement. They specifically target Christian businesses. And I think we need to resist this. I hope the current administration will understand and can work this out.

MHN: What they say about your future in the cradle of Christianity, Church leaders in the heart of the Middle East?

I asked the Christians there: “do you Want to go home?” Indeed, many of the Christian villages of the Nineveh plains have been released, but while they are still empty. And people said, “We can’t go back home because there is no political solution. The Iraqi government does not even promise us protection, and we don’t know if we have a future in the middle East”.
So, I think most people are very afraid that the Christians there is no more future. I believe that we need to show a candid picture of what is happening there. When in Iran someone to hang, this is done in the most barbaric way. The man tied a rope neck, and then the crane lifted it off the ground by the neck, so he just gasps. His neck does not break instantly. He’s dying, slowly suffocating. And do it almost daily in the Islamic Republic of Iran. So we have to show that Islam is doing to the Church.

MHN: What can you tell our viewers about how they should pray, and how best to help those who are suffering around the world for their faith?

Of course, we must pray for the improvement of the situation in all those countries where there is violent persecution. Remember the Apostle Peter. When he was in prison, the Church diligently prayed for him. And suddenly an angel came, woke people in the middle of the night, the chain fell, the prison doors that were shut, suddenly opened, and Peter came outside. He thought he was dreaming. Only then he realized that, Yes, God saved him. So, when people pray, fall circuit. When people pray, the gates and doors that were shut, God opens. Therefore, I believe that if we pray, God not only will hear our prayers and answer them, but we’ll see what miracles happen, as with Peter.

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