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Participants of the round table “of the LGBT community. To drive, to recognize and help?” 13 Jun discussed for Ukraine and unusual for churches topic, said the movement “Territory of responsibility”, Association “Emmanuel”

In the conference hall of the Association “Emmanuel” gathered 80 consultants, counselors, pastors, and about three hundred joined via the Internet. Has touched all spheres of influence homosexuality: Church, society, Christian, position, family, children… As believers to help people with unwanted same-sex attraction? What to do for the pastor when the confession came gay? Ready the Church to serve those who want to get freedom from this attraction? Can homosexuals become heterosexuals or the solution for them in celibacy? As Christians in society to uphold biblical moral values, to protect the family institution and protect children from hemodilator? How to show the love of God and respect in spite of the aggression and hatred of people with nontraditional orientation who need the love of God? All of these questions were looking for answers together with the experts. The organizers of the round table – School counseling “Restoring integrity” (movement “Territory of responsibility”, Association “Emmanuel”).

When you need “drive” and who?

The first report was made by Ruslan Kukharchuk, a founder of the organization “Love against homosexuality”. He admitted, the organization was not created to rehabilitate gays and lesbians, and for the protection of the family institution and against the promotion of LGBT ideology.

Ruslan gave the facts and statistics. In 2006 in the United States – 52% of new cases in one year – it was male homosexuals. “Homosexuals are the most at risk of HIV! A week ago I checked the statistics 2016, an official U.S. site – 67% of all the newly uncovered HIV-infected men who have sex with men. Interestingly, organizations that support the gay movement, there is money allocated specifically to deal with AIDS. This is one of the main causes of threats to national security, not counting the destruction of the family institution!”, – he stated.

Among other LGBT threats Kukharchuk called – the right to freedom of speech and freedom of religion and right to political activity. “LGBT people – often people experiencing remorse, they recognize that their lifestyles are not normal, they want to deal with this problem. To such people we must help! Christ died for them. But most of them don’t feel the need to release and aggressively impose gender ideology in schools. Let’s always share: to help people in need and actively protest against the propaganda and popularization of this way of life” – called Ruslan Kukharchuk.

To recognize or to ignore?

Professor Regent University (USA) Olga Zaporozhets spoke about the research they conducted among Christian students. 11% had adopted a homosexual identity, 18% reported permanent same-sex relationship. As well as Olga drew attention to the important fact that many parents did not know about it. “I didn’t even know that my son spent years crying into my pillow in my room because of this problem. I didn’t know it. All this time I thought we have a great relationship and had no idea what he was so badly hurt that he even thought about suicide. He tried to get away from it, to beat the prayers that attraction. It kills me the fact that I did not notice this. I’m still not moved by this news,” shared the father of one guy from the University.

Olga believes that it is impossible to ignore the fact that even among Christians, there are many people with a thrust to his sex. She added: “the Gay community accepts and supports this, saying that it’s okay to be at the same time, the Church is driving, or does not recognize. It is important to create an alternative to the Church was a safe place. And also need to support the families.”

Help is on the way to freedom

The main issue of discussion was – “is it Possible to help people with same-sex attraction to regain their identity?” and “What specialists may be involved in this?”. Ph. D. Ludmila Gridkovets has extensive experience in advising people with homosexuality, the Therapist assured me that in her case, 100% of people regained their original identity through an integrated approach therapy and the involvement of clergy, if a person needs spiritual deliverance. “We need to understand exactly at what level the person requires assistance and to provide it, – said the expert.

She also drew attention: “Often the guy who sexashley prone to experiencing more injury than a girl. Because he thinks “I am not now like this” and if he’s left alone with his injury he deepens it even more.It is very important to support parents – not very “perezalit” of the child, which was quite violent, and also not to fall into the other extreme – to completely ignore this topic”. The reasons that could lead a person to homosexuality quite a lot, but as confirmed by experts from the practice – the main roots stem from the subconscious mind from childhood trauma and lack of trusting relationship between parent sex of the child, as well as from violence.

Wynn Cameron Thompson confirmed that his Ministry to gays and lesbians – about 30% advise get complete freedom, the rest returned to their former way of life. “All people have their own path of recovery, someone needs only one prayer and the other years to rebuild and fight. Many want quick results and give up, especially when there is no support in the Church,” he said. Natalia Ushakova, consultant service “Real” for LGBT people, which is more than 20 years, considered himself a man, but because God has restored our identity, he added: “it is Very important that the Church has revised the attitude to LGBT people to open up my heart for people that you did not separate people from any other people in dependencies. Often it is this factor of rejection keeps people from God.” “The Church is the guardian of God’s standards, it is very important how it behaves to the Church. And Christians often go to extremes – starting from the position of the prosecution and persecution of people of sexual minorities to absolute loyalty. From the atmosphere in the Church depends, will that person help. It is important to call homosexuality a sin and at the same time to lend a helping hand,” continued pastor Denis Podorozhniy. All roundtable experts came to a conclusion: LGBT people looking for help need full support: expert advice, guidance and mentoring in the Church, care and acceptance of friends and family, and support groups. More details the issues of LGBT people considered the 14-16 June at the course “How to help LGBT people to rediscover their identity in Christ.” The presentations and discussions of the round table “of the LGBT community. To drive, to recognize or to help?” will be available on the YouTube channel SCWC by the end of June. The curricula will be available on the website study.territoriao.info

Tatyana Pinchuk, the movement “Territory of responsibility”, Association “Emmanuel”

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