Former Governor Mike Huckabee is a great friend of Israel. Recently in Jerusalem, he told CBN News about what, in his opinion, will be the relationship between the future administration of the tramp and the Jewish state.

CBN News: Governor Huckabee, thank you for joining us! What’s your reaction to the UN resolution No. 2334, which abstained the United States?

Mike Huckabee, former Governor of Arkansas:
Very confused by the fact that the United States abstained.
I think it’s inexcusable that they did not support Israel in the matter of anti-Semitism from the UN. And I felt that the rationale of John Kerry to make Israel the scapegoat of the UN is alien to the principles of the United States.

CBN News: what impact do you think this could have for Israel, especially here in Jerusalem?

I believe that in the end, it will be reviewed. I expect Donald trump and his administration will make it clear that if this kind of action against one of our allies will continue – and that anti-Semitic hatred – I would like to see elected President will say that we come out of the UN. We provide almost 25% support of the entire organization.

CBN News: do you have feelings about January 20, the Obama administration will attempt once again to participate in the UN security Council?

I think we all worry that this administration is like the tenant is going to vacate the apartment, but before that, breaks a window, pulls the plugs out of the walls and making holes in the ceiling, only to leave the new tenant a huge mess. It is very annoying and insults the dignity of the presidential administration. Since historically, presidents have not tried to make important political decisions that will greatly burden future administration.

CBN News: how would you describe the future relationship between the tramp and Israel?

It will be a new level of openness, and I think the interest to discuss the issues honestly. And both sides will feel that they support the interests of their countries and allies.

CBN News: What do you think about the possibility that trump’s administration will move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem?

It is the law of the United States that our Embassy will be in Jerusalem since 1995. And every President has postponed this decision, and always justified. Well, why do we always act under pressure of people who will commit terrorist acts? Why do we not act in accordance with the fact that better and more correctly?

CBN News: do you See a change in how they relate to the West Bank?

Yes. On the one hand, the administration trump calls him by his name, “Judea and Samaria” and not “West Bank”. I don’t think you will hear the term “Occupied”. Israel occupied before, it was the oppression of the Romans, Turks, Syrians, but the land belongs to the Jews. And the fact that they live here – it’s a fact, there is nothing strange. For three thousand years this place was their ancestral historical, biblical and political homeland. For the United States attempts to pretend that someone else has good arguments – that makes no sense.

I am very optimistic about the next few years.
I believe that the relationship between Israel and the US to improve significantly, based on mutual trust and mutual interest in the fight against evil and terrorism. And in the fight for the values that are important to the foundations of society. To fight for this is really important!

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