“What would you change about school?” – 35 questions about the study that your child will want to answer

The editor of a blog about motherhood Motherly Colin temple tells how to ask questions to the child after school, so he answered you.

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When my daughter went to school, I experienced different emotions. I was worried. I was so happy. I’m worried about. I hope. I’m excited. And one of the strongest feelings I feel since my daughter went to study this curiosity.

What did she do today? What games played? Found a common language with classmates? And with teachers? Did it help someone?

I would like to see what it does and how it works, when I’m not around. But, unfortunately, I can only ask questions. But what exactly should I ask? What will prompt her to share with me your experience?

I turned to the experts and they gave me some General tips:

1. Do not overdo it with questions

It can be unbearable. The child may be tired or not in the mood when getting in the car or get off the school bus, so just give him some time to rest.

2. Ask him open-ended questions

Thus you can get more information from the child for more history and description.

3. Communicate with your child as usual

If you are too click on it or asking the wrong questions – the child may refuse to answer.

4. Stop if he seems to not be involved

If you first began the conversation with the child and he doesn’t seem to want to answer, stop and try later. It is always better to take a break and try another time.

Then, they offered me the options of questions you can ask instead of “What’s new?” or “What did you do today?”

1. What did you like most today?

2. You feel upset over something today?

3. What interesting things did you learn in school today?

4. You got a new friend today? What’s his name? What do you like about it?

5. I can do something to help?

6. What do you like to do during recess?

7. What is the stupidest thing happened today?

8. What is the quality you like?

9. If you could for a week to become someone else, what would you be? Why?

10. What are you grateful today?

11. What would you like done differently?

12. What would you change in school?

13. Is there someone at school with whom you would like to be friends?

14. What it means to be a good friend?

15. You helped someone today?

16. Who was kind to you today?

17. You saw something today that others seem to have missed?

18. I want to laugh. Tell me something funny that happened today.

19. Who were you sitting today during lunch?

20. What made you feel happy today?

21. What made you feel sad today?

22. Who were you playing today?

23. What book did you read today in class?

24. Do you recognize something new?

25. Something has surprised you today?

26. Have you done something new today?

27. What did you do today at school that you really liked?

28. With whom you played during the break?

29. What happened today during lunch?

30. What funny happened to you today?

31. Have you ever been any awkward moments?

32. You feel comfortable in your class?

33. The teacher praised you today?

34. You were worried about something at school today?

35. Were you scared at school today?


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