When 100 meters is equal to a marathon

More than you can – unless it happens? It turns out – Yes, if you do something not only for yourself but for the person who doesn’t have the simple things. Who can not run, can not or can hardly walk. The volunteers of the movement “Bulletimage” participate in a sporting event – but not alone, only in pairs, together with people with disabilities.

Photo: Movement #Bolshezemel

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100 meters is a lot or a little? Most of us don’t even notice how many steps you do a day, can not appreciate the ability to walk, to run. But for someone 100 meters is a challenge, it is a marathon. The organizers and volunteers of the movement “Bulletimage” I dream that people with disabilities can participate in sports competitions. And not just dream but do.

The phrase “More than welcome” – from the book Australian Paraclete John McLean. John was involved in Rugby and triathlons, until one day the Bicycle was not hit by a truck. In the end, Macklin had lost feeling in his legs and sat on the wheelchair, as it seemed, to the end of his days. Nevertheless, he continued his athletic career, participated in competitions, qualified for the Paralympic games, has swum the English channel. And was even able to go again, although this occurred only after 35 years of training and rehabilitation.

John Macklin. Photo: johnmaclean.com.au

These were the words chosen as its motto the movement, which not only help people with disabilities to run a marathon, but I want people to have matured to the opportunity to give something that can, and a little more.

Important ined desire

Red square, Vasilevsky descent. The participants of the “Green marathon “Running hearts”” preparing for the race.

Faith finishes the ninth grade, she has cerebral palsy, she cannot walk by herself, but takes part in the second start – in a special stroller her lucky volunteer.

– I’m the same as everyone – and I want to close the house! But I want to work!

Vera, what do you want to work?

A translator from English.

– Well you know the language?

– Still not very…

– What’s your favorite subject in school?

– Literature.

– Then you need to go to the press!

I don’t mind. Only Russian it is necessary to tighten. Because the main desire?

That’s for sure!

Faith. Photo: Movement #Bolshezemel

Executive Director motion #Bolshezemel Svetlana Tomashevskaya after the race said that last part with Faith in the tandem remained in memory as one of the most important and bright moments in life: “Faith fighter! She gave me such a boost of joy and motivation!”

I often hear: “Why is it you”

Svetlana Tomashevskaya dreams that people with disabilities can participate in sports competitions. And not just dreams, but for several years together with friends is organizing a charity event, buy the necessary equipment, she trains the members herself running:

– I often hear: “Why should you? They will never be able to compete”. First, they felt a holiday atmosphere that prevails in the competition. For them, it’s crazy emotions, a lot of discoveries, the ability to communicate with different people. Second, they realized that they can. Unable to walk 100 meters today, and after a month, maybe 200, can communicate with others on the same level, unable to do something and change.

Photo: Movement #Bolshezemel

For people with disabilities is gymnastics and Paralympic sport, but there’s nothing in the middle. Last year there was one commercial gym where they can engage people with disabilities. But only one!

When a child is born with cerebral palsy, he put the stamp “invalid”. And happen fantastic situation: for example, Mary Botosova had moved only in a wheelchair, and now she can walk on her own.

This is a very difficult and lengthy process, Mary worked for several years. Of course, it’s difficult for her to walk completely independently, she could fall, and she falls. And here’s the competition to it came people from the outside to help to rise, and we explained to them that it’s all right, Mary can do it yourself. We watched as the tormentors. Of course, people don’t know that she almost incurable diagnosis, but it is very important to get up and finish the race.

Masha. Photo: Tamara Amelina

The main thing that the guys believe in themselves. “More than welcome” is the motto for all. The last 100 meters distance they have to overcome themselves. Today one boy who last year was unable to finish himself, with the help of the father walked the last hundred meters.

Our training aims to support physical activity. Those who are not available in sports can experience the joy of training and competition.

Inclusion, inclusion of persons with disabilities into everyday life, important for others – because they are frightened by what they don’t understand. You need to tell about the features – someone has difficulty speaking, although they are completely mentally intact, someone has difficulty moving. But it is the ordinary people!

Photo: Movement #Bolshezemel

Feeling words cannot describe

Christina from Lipetsk to childhood active in sports, until a monstrous accident has not changed her life five years ago in Greece overturned bus with tourists. The girl received a severe injury of the cervical spine, but did not give up. Despite the pain and limitations in movement, she continues to play sports.

When Christine saw the posting for the team “Bulletimage”, decided to take part in the competition. And is now involved in the race in tandem with golopristansky.

Christine. Photo: Movement #Bolshezemel

– Feeling words can not describe! I feel part of the important things. And receive inspiration, strength, confidence! says Christine.

A Muscovite Gleb studies at the Moscow boarding school №1, it is not the first year participates in the race with Vadim Zelensky, owner of a sports club Zelenski Run Club and founder of the sports movement #Bolshezemel.

Photo: Movement #Bolshezemel

“I never ran for yourself”

Usually people with disabilities sport is not available. We decided to help guys and for the second year prepare them for the competition. Twice a year they participate in marathons – first run in tandem on the carriage, and the last 100-200 meters to go go away. In the race 10 tandems, and 8 people with cerebral palsy will run themselves with the accompanying, – says Vadim Zelensky.

He has long been involved in triathlon and to help participate in sports for people with disabilities began after I learned the family history of the Hoyt, father dick and son Rick.

This is one of the most famous sports tandems in the world. Rick Hoyt has cerebral palsy, he cannot walk. Dick not a professional athlete, but in College showed good results in the race. Together they participate in competitions since 1977, when Rick was 15 years old.

Dick and Rick Hoity participated in more than one thousand events, including triatlonu full distance IRONMAN – and it is a swim of 3.8 km, 180 km Cycling and a marathon of 42 km. dick pulls Rick in a special boat, bike, Rick sits in a special seat before the father. And when they run the marathon, dick roll son in a special wheelchair.

Dick and Rick Haiti. Photo: wbur.org

Svetlana and Vadim met Gautami, attended the competition in a small town in Holland near Boston, where Haiti and live. Recently dick had to do a scheduled back surgery, and he was not involved in the race where there were more than 100 tandems. Rick, who is 56 years old, ran in tandem with another person.

Dick and Rick Haiti. Photo: huffingtonpost.com

Dick told us that their personal record at the marathon distance (42 195 m) – 2 hours 40 minutes. It’s very fast, believe me!

We asked him: “do you have any how much to run a marathon?” Dick replied: “I don’t know. I have never in my life did not run for yourself!”

I would like the society to change attitude to persons with special needs. Now our task is to buy a special wheelchair to as many people as possible could participate in competitions in tandem.

Vadim Zelensky with Gleb. Photo: Tamara Amelina

When we went to America for strollers, we were in a small town, but it seemed that we came from the stone age such a difference and availability of the environment and how people live with limitations, and the attitude of others to him.

Struck by the attitude of the Americans towards philanthropy. When we left the hotel in the morning to Breakfast, absolutely everyone was in t-shirts with slogans: “help the homeless dogs”, “Help cancer patients”. That is actually all people somehow involved in charity or volunteering. And children also participate as volunteers.

To do charity work in Russia, it is essential that people have matured to the opportunity to give, especially in regions where difficult not to help and to support themselves with dignity.

Photo: Movement #Bolshezemel

It is hoped that our children will be different

Svetlana herself in sports since early childhood, engaged in Jogging, swimming. Svetlana coaching company training technique of running. And for more than five years Svetlana was involved in charity work. Friends holds a “Merry starts” for foster children, children from large families, organized in children’s homes, concerts, plays, takes care of the home.

– I’d love to increase the number of participants tandems, and to enable them to compete among themselves, – says Svetlana. – To change the understanding, the consciousness of the people – it is necessary not one year.

Ivan Goncharov, a member of the Paralympic national team of Russia on ski races and biathlon, said: “…why “people with disabilities” we are called. Because we are limited in everything…” There is hope that our children, who from an early age to communicate with people with special needs, will be different.

Photo: Movement #Bolshezemel

Photo: Movement #Bolshezemel

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