When examining the burned Dormition Church, found the ancient altar


Specialists of the Moscow Institute memorials “Spetsproektrestavratsiya” conducted examination of the assumption Church. As a result of lower volume in the basement of the altar discovered carcass design is more ancient five walls of the altar on boulder foundations, the press service of the administration of Karelia.

From 29 August to 5 September, a group of experts workshop of arm-7 Moscow Institute memorials “Spetsproektrestavratsiya” conducted examination of the assumption Church in Kondopoga after the fire. Experts evaluated the safety elements of the monument, determined the percentage of loss of raw material and value settings are preserved logs, including extremely charred. Experts estimated the condition of the surviving blockhouse, determined his accident.

With the help of volunteers of the project “Common cause” made the rubble around the log Church, as well as sorting and identification of preserved elements. Currently arranged temporary warehousing of marked items that will be transported to storage and studying. Separately stored fully destructione elements and the coal from dismantling of debris for removal and disposal.


According to experts, despite the enormous destruction caused by the fire in the lower crowns of the basement to store all the volumes of the temple. Logs have a serious loss in diameter due to erosion, however, the location of joints and cuts are preserved. Burnt by the cups, even on the charred surface, well read ticks and burrs from the tool.

The most preserved part of the altar is a prirub, logs which are partially preserved on the outside, but severely burned the inside. To lower the volume of the basement of the altar discovered the carcass construction of a more ancient five walls of the altar on independent boulder Foundation. As specialists suggest, at the last rebuilding of the temple a new altar, probably built over the old, hiding it inside the new design.

The question of preservation of the remaining elements, as well as the transportation and storage of logs were discussed by the participants of the working group of the Government of Karelia. On behalf of the Deputy Prime Minister Larisa Podsadnik with “Kondopoga” now considering the allocation of storage space. In the period up to November 15 surviving fragments should be moved indoors. Up to this point, their preservation in the churchyard will provide round the clock security.


The meeting also discussed the plan for upcoming charity events to enhance the fundraising for the restoration of the Church. According to the Director of the charity Fund “Northern spiritual path,” Alexander Lysenko, at the moment the Fund raised 3 million 800 thousand rubles. The work of fundraising continues.

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