When the U.S. justice Department created a task force on religious freedom

U.S. attorney General Jeff Sesens says that the dangerous movement to limit religious freedoms in America must be stopped. This week, he said that the Department of justice will defend people of faith. Some have questioned whether the FBI for this. All because it works with an organization called the Christian Association “hate groups”.

Attorney General Jeff sessions said that religious freedom is the first of freedoms, and that the Ministry of justice will vigorously defend it. The attorney General announced the creation of a task force on religious freedoms at the Ministry of justice. It is a direct response to the decree of the President of trump that Federal agencies should respect and protect religious freedom and freedom of speech. Sessions said that the cultural climate in America has become unfriendly towards Christians.

“Many Americans feel that their religious freedom was threatened. And this is understandable. We see how the nuns order to buy contraceptives. We all saw what had to go through Jack Phillips,” says U.S. attorney General Jeff sessions.

Baker-a Christian Jack Phillips with the Colorado court has forbidden to make wedding cakes when he refused to make a cake for a same-sex wedding.

“We were threatened with violence. There was a time when my wife was afraid to leave the store, because I didn’t know what the situation will be. It was dark times,” says Jack Phillips, the owner of “Masterpiece Cakeshop”.

The task force is a step forward. But some people want the Ministry of justice drew attention to its practice. Republican Matt gates from Florida requires a response from the FBI about his working relationship with “the Southern Poverty Law Center”. Representative gates wrote a letter to the Bureau of investigation, expressing his surprise and dismay, knowing that the organization used as a platform to condemn other groups as “hateful”.
“The Southern Poverty Law Center” called “Family Research Group” “hate group” because of its biblical position on homosexuality and gay marriage. They even called a hater of Minister of construction Ben Carson.

“The Southern Poverty Law Center” is a left wing extremists. Their branding has no reason. It is only with a political purpose,” says William “Jerry” Boykin, a retired General, “Family Research Council”.

The representative of the Ministry of justice said the “CBN News” that the attorney General ordered the FBI to review its relations with groups like “the Southern Poverty Law Center” to make sure that the Office is not cooperating with those who perpetrate discrimination.

“If the FBI follows this prescription, it will be a wonderful day for America,” says Boykin.

Recently, the “Law Center” was forced to apologize and pay over three million dollars Maajid Nawaz, an outspoken criticism of radical Islam, which this organisation included in the list of anti-Islamic extremists.

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