“Where is winter” – cartoon about a girl who went to the taiga

In the winter of 2017 little girl Sagliano Salchak of the Tuvan village of Kungurtug is famous in the whole country. Baby alone in the dark was held on the frozen taiga 8 miles to call for help – at the shepherd Park in the taiga her grandmother died. A year later the students of the St. Petersburg Institute of cinema and television decided to film a cartoon.

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Small but warm heart

Then Sagliani little adventure did not end there. After the girl was rescued, she was admitted to the hospital. Treated her after her journey she’s only a little cold, and… were sent to an orphanage. And her mom Elanora helicopter were taken to the capital Kyzyl, the investigators of the Investigative Committee for the Republic.


The woman was accused that she left a daughter with elderly parents, put her life in danger. The case involved the Prosecutor’s office and the Plenipotentiary on the rights of the child in the Republic of Tyva Olga Ross’, the baby is watched all the public media. Those who are familiar with living conditions in the country and traditions of this nation, know that they lead a nomadic lifestyle – parents are forced to move from place to place, and children are brought up grandparents. Moreover, even in early childhood Tuvan kids know a lot more than their urban peers. Including well oriented in the forest.

In the end Sagliano returned to the mother, which soon was cleared of all charges. And after some time she was awarded the medal “Hot heart” for overcoming difficult life situations, taking the willpower and desire to win.

Sagliani awarded the order of the ardent heart

– I thank all the community members, human rights activists and national media for the support of the little deer family, from a distant village Kungurtug, for understanding the situation in which she found herself. We agreed that we will get a reward Sagliani in the children’s library of Kungurtug that all children knew about the feat of his compatriot, – said the head of the Republic of Tuva Sholban Kara-ool.

Now Sagliano lives with his mother. This year she went to first grade. Olga Ross ‘ continues to follow the fate of the girls:

– At the end of August Sagliano along with her mother came to Kyzyl to get ready for school. We helped buy them a backpack, school uniform and all the necessary supplies to study.

Doll Sagliani did 5 months

In the meantime, thousands of kilometers from Tuva, the students of the St. Petersburg Institute of cinema and television has replayed in my head felt a little girl, wading through the frost the forest, and step by step things baby doll prototype artificial snow, reviving her.

How did the idea of the cartoon and how’s the shoot, said producer Maria Vasilyeva.

– Maria, how did you hear about what happened with Sagliani?

– Quite by accident. Our Director Kseniya Mykhaylenko went in the bus and heard the passengers talking: “can you Imagine a child alone in the dark was walking in the forest, where wolves, bears”. Was very surprised, began to look for details on the Internet, it turned out that this is a true story. Decided is a miracle that all the girl went and what stayed alive, and asked screenwriter Valentina Ryzhkov to write the script. They had already worked together. And spun.

Maria Vasilyeva

He worked carefully, had a lot to read and learn about the life of the Tuvan nomads. None of the girls had never been to Tuva, to imagine what is beyond the edges, they could only the stories. Thus was born the scenario with wonderful accents, legends, final, as in life, everything ends well.

Writer at work

I joined this job in June, girls at that time already contacted the Moscow artist Igor dolls Hilulim to make the first doll. Sketch technical task for the artist, drew for yourself, based on a picture of a little Sagliani. For a doll’s gone 5 months.

– Why did you decide to make it a cartoon?

– Animation – our future profession. Well, the story is about a tiny girl is very touching and heroic at the same time. It seemed to us that this genre is very suitable.

The cartoon decided to make a puppet animation with 2D and 3D graphics. Except for girls, cartoon grandpa and grandma, bear, Fox and bird is a Kestrel (a bird of the Falcon family, but are not suitable for falconry, empty). Of the characters will be drawn, some in 2D and 3D.

Drawings of cartoon

We decided not to hide the fact that Sagliani grandmother died, but not to show it. Grandma appears only in the memories of the child. The cartoon is primarily aimed at children and will be very good and bright. For children, this will be pretty good and somewhat motivating story in which little Sagliano represented by the heroine, who miraculously managed to pass all the tests. For adults it sewn up some of the mysteries on which to reflect.

8 minutes and the snow from diapers

– What is the complexity of shooting such a cartoon?

– Puppet animation all rearranged manually. Each character moves and time-lapse photograph. We are now making as Sagliano trudging through a snowstorm in the forest. Then the story is by the river, where she will meet the Fox. All plots will be 6, and each has its own little story. The timing of the film – 8 minutes.

Scene from the cartoon – Sapana is the snow

The name of the story will be “where winter”.

– Where do you get funds for production?

– Started to work at his own expense. Later posted information about the cartoon on a crowdfunding platform. Only trade we need 200 000. The most expensive equipment and making dolls. At our Institute the animation rarely support, the grants that existed on this account, we have not had the time.


Since the money is not enough, we have to put in the work means available. For example, the snow doing out of the ordinary diaper. If it’s open and wet, makes a great “wet snow”.

– Would you like to come to Tuva to learn how to live a little Saglan?

– In the future possible. But first we would like to show the cartoon the girl to see if she will recognize yourself in it. Her reaction will be most valuable. According to our forecasts, the cartoon will be ready in September next year.

Svetlana Hustik

Photo courtesy of the authors of the project and the Supreme Khural of the Republic of Tyva

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