Where to go when diagnosed with cancer

The Foundation for cancer prevention will establish an independent referral service for cancer patients to “Just ask”. All advice for loved ones of cancer patients or of people facing this diagnosis will be free. A major donor to the “Just ask” became the Foundation for the “Pravmir”, to donate to further the work of the project will of any person or company.

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The online service will be launched on 4 February, the international day of fight against cancer. “Just ask” Desk, which will provide information about the options and places where patients will be able to provide expert assistance with their illness.

Advise seeking advice people will be young oncologists, graduates of the Higher school of Oncology — another project of the cancer prevention Fund (Fund pays for studies of medical graduates, who won in the competition).

The project is created for those who got lost in the flow of information and does not know where to go and what to do when he suddenly finds out about your diagnosis or the diagnosis of a loved one.

Fund cancer prevention receives around 1.5 thousands of calls a year asking how to be in a given situation. I just before this review put down the phone — the callers were looking for your dads place where you can get therapy for multiple myeloma, says the Executive Director of the Foundation for cancer prevention Ilya Fomintsev.

The goal of the service is to help people to understand, to find solutions to problems, if he refused or he did not understand the explanations of the doctors, choose a specialist.

Ilya Fomintsev

— I called a man from Saransk: tumor of the salivary gland, which refused to operate supposedly because it is too close to the facial nerve. But the facial nerve runs through the salivary gland, and anyway, all tumors of the salivary glands close to him. This something is the task of the doctor to depart from the facial nerve. Whether it something the patient did not understand, whether the doctor explained, whether the problem is something-it is necessary to understand, for the only fact that the patient is now without any treatment. This patient has got a good contacts a specialist in tumors of the head and neck, which will be able to deal with all this and together with the patient to choose the necessary tactics. “Just ask” is our attempt to solve this colossal problem, which no one undertook.

Fomintsev emphasizes that the service is created in the interests of patients and is not associated or does not depend on any of the clinics:

We are not interested in their lead generation, the project exists on charitable donations rather than contributions of the clinics.

Another important point: “Just ask” will not provide a second opinion or telehealth consultation.

“We find a place and, often, specific doctor — where a person to handle his case, but it is not a medical service. Advise people will be the oncologists, because to understand the problem, need medical knowledge, you need to be inside of the health care system and understand how it works, where and what you can get. Plus, you need to understand that hospitals can and what is not, what are their capabilities,” – says Ilya Fomintsev.

Photo: Foundation for prevention of cancer / Facebook

In the future, the Foundation for cancer prevention will produce reports and surveys in the regions about the quality of cancer care, what medical facilities what medical care can provide:

– What types of operations they do, whether the full range of surgery they have if they do the required set of pathological studies. System information of this kind does not exist, disclosure of this information can be useful even with one hand: generally speaking, Kostroma look at the data of Vologda and say, okay, something here we are lagging behind in this disorder, must be corrected, – says Ilya.

Fund for cancer prevention offers to join the fundraising for the project now: the money starts to collect in advance as this will guarantee first aid to the applicants immediately together with the launch of the helpdesk.

Funds will help pay for the work of the experts and the coordinator.

Sofya Zhukova

“Fund “Orthodoxy and the world” with pleasure supported the development of the project. We believe that every person should have a choice where to be treated in the same hospital doing chemo, the other with a strong thoracic surgeon. It’s great that the service will provide answers to these questions, says the Executive Director of the Foundation “Pravmir” Sofya Zhukova. — It is important that the wards of our Fund received treatment according to the latest world standards. But we have no full-time medical professionals, so quick and convenient access to the expert opinion of professionals is priceless! “Just ask” is not only necessary and socially beneficial project, but also a great tool to improve expertise in the field of charity.”

To donate to the development of “Just ask” and the consultation on the website of the Foundation for cancer prevention.

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