Evangelical Christians played a key role in the elections of the President of trump, and now they have unprecedented access to the Oval office. It’s like never before puts them and their faith in the spotlight.. But some say that the media distort the term “Evangelical Christians”, associating it rather with a set of political beliefs than to Christian principles.
Recently a Professor at the Regent University Roots Becker told about the proper definition of Evangelical Christians and how “evangelicals” refer to the policy and President of the Trump.

MHN: Dr. Becker, what separates Evangelical Christians from other Christians?
Roots Bekker, Regent University:

Historically, there are four commitments that take on Evangelical Christians. The first is the commitment to the idea that every person needs to survive the conversion or, in biblical language, to be born again to enter the Kingdom of heaven. The second commitment is to highly honor the Holy Scripture, believing that Scripture is not only infallible, but is infallible in matters of faith and practice. The third obligation is very important: focus on the fundamental role of the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross for our sins. The essence of the gospel is what Christ did on the cross for us: His death and His resurrection. Indeed, this obligation can change our world. And, finally, activism. It means to show not only political activity, but one that corresponds to the social values that we find in Scripture.

MHN: don’t you think that the term “Evangelical Christian” is now distorting and I think is more political than any other?

Yes, now in the world there are many forces who wish to divide Christians. So often the term is used not in a positive way, and humbling. Therefore, I agree that its meaning is somewhat distorted people who are not Christians. They are trying to define what exactly needs to be evangelicals.

MHN: do you Believe that the President has split evangelicals?

I don’t think so. Moreover, I believe that he did completely the opposite. I think that the current President — especially ahead of the elections — joined a large group of Christians around the values that are really important to them.

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