Why Apple employees are hiding old iPad in the closet

Residents of Silicon valley, working for the largest technology companies are in no hurry to give gadgets to children. They fear the impact of technology on their development.

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Minnie Shah and Vijay Koduri still have not given mobile phones to their children, who are 10 and 12 years. Fearing the impact of technology on their developing brain, parents have banned video game consoles at home, their phones give children for 10 minutes a week and hid the iPad on the shelf with the Laundry.

They explained to Business Insider that although children can use the computer for homework, other devices are banned. They are not technophobes-conservatives. Shah works in the headquarters of Apple, and her husband – a former employee of Google, creating an Internet startup.

The rejection of the gadgets in the education of children is not a new trend in Silicon valley. From the very beginning of the Internet revolution, technological moguls wary of the impact that can have their products on children. Much more careful than their customers.

Steve jobs, Tim cook and bill gates admitted that restrict children’s access to gadgets. The late head of Apple do not allow children to use your iPad. The current head of the company Tim cook told his nephew to join in social networks. Microsoft founder bill gates do not allow children to use mobile phones to 14 years.

This is not the eccentricities of individual leaders and their views are shared by employees. A survey conducted last year showed that many parents in Silicon valley are familiar with these concerns.

“My daughter all the time with the phone, not with friends. To pick up her phone is the problem,” said one Respondent.

“I’m really concerned about how technology affects our skills. Child of my friends in 4 years better than my mom, drawn with a tablet, but still can’t hold a pencil,” said another.

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Report on new trends in the field of health for 2018 predicts a departure from the technology: the study notes that our immersion in them became an addiction. We recently realized our vulnerability to the seductive interface developed by powerful companies thus, to keep our attention and seek to understand how dependence on digital devices affects the developing brain of the child.

Studies confirm that young people are extremely susceptible to changes in chemical processes of the brain that are associated with an increase in teenage depression and suicide. Understanding the problem is the first step to the healing of addiction to technology. And yet – keep your iPad in the closet.


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