Lucille Talusan correspondent for CBN Asia. She works in the office of the CBN in Manila, and today she’s with us in Studio to talk about the impact of the Asian center for missions and his work in “CBN News”.

MHN: Lucille, you have seen firsthand the impact that these Filipino missionaries have around the world. Tell me about it.

Lucille Talusan: Yes, they are my guides wherever I send “CBN News”: in Myanmar, Thailand and so on. And I can see how these Asian missionaries teach. For example, in Thailand they teach the children-orphans, refugees from Myanmar.

MHN: Gordon called the Filipinos are uniquely suited to spread the gospel throughout Asia. Why are they so well received?

We fit well in any country. When I’m in Thailand, talking to me in Thai. When I was in Indonesia, talking to me in Indonesian. One day we were filming a story about Muslim extremists, and we began to approach a guy. I just pretended to sleep so he decided to talk to me, because if I never open my mouth, he will think that I’m Indonesian. So, is one thing: God created us unique. And we are very caring people. Filipina, I think, are the best caretakers.

MAN: AND yet you amazingly hospitable.

Yes, and we are very hardy.

MHN: This can be seen with the naked eye! Tell me, what are the difficulties of Filipino missionaries.

Well, for example, I know of two missionaries, who are threatened with death because they dream that children were educated. This is the Thailand where parents want their children engaged in prostitution. There came to these missionaries, they provide children with shelter and teach them. Here it is for someone threatened to kill them. So they need prayer.

MAN: of Course, received many death threats.

Yes, but there is the anointing of the Lord. I’m actually very proud that I am a Filipina. We have a special, wonderful calling. Philippines named after king Philip, and Philip the Apostle. So we have this calling to preach the gospel to all Nations. So Filipinos are in different countries: in prisons, in the fields and help to fulfil the glorious destiny of these peoples.

MAN: Amazing. Well, we are so proud of you and all that you do and your contribution to CBN and “Global Christian news”. Thank you for coming to us!

Lucille Talusan: thank you very much.

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