Why I ask you to pray for Anna Pavlikova

“It’s not only that girl, long ago, had health problems, lost it there completely. Case in forever mutilated soul. No return man a few months locked up on absurd charges”. The nun Eugenia (Senchukova) – about why she urged them to pray for Anna Pavlikova.

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  • Arrested Pavlikova and Dubovik does not need urgent medical care – the Federal penitentiary service
  • More than 60 thousand people signed a petition in support of girls-the figurants of business “the New greatness”
  • The court left in jail accused on the case of the “New grandeur” Anna Pavlikova
  • Let’s pray for Anya Pavlikov

The Nun Eugenia (Senchukova)

People starts with the family, and the family is created by man, and about the families there is much to tell children and parents. My sister went to Sunday school – not even in Sunday school, and the center for spiritual development created by a permanent member, experienced teacher, and I envied awful: in my childhood parish this activity was not.

Kids were noisy at recess, singing at the festive divine services, but it could have something “like jazz” to perform, taught solfege is not worse than in the school of music, constantly, not only for Orthodox holidays, something sculpted and painted; they went to pilgrimage with picnics and fun games outdoors, visited the orphanage with gifts and concerts; the Centre began to engage in inclusive education long before it began to talk a lot – just with all the equal rights studied two special, as we now call them, child, did not know how to speak, suffering from physical ailments. One boy a few years died – but he had a normal childhood. And his mother sometimes came to the center, brought cakes for tea (samovar tea puffed on the table all classroom time), easy, shared memories and experiences.

Here not talking about politics or “progname the West” – that is, the views were all different, but the conflict remained beyond the threshold. Mutual respect is also taught here.

Perhaps, through this centre children and fled from the temple in a difficult teenage time. On the contrary, sometimes have to study absolutely not a Church guys – someone’s grandmother gave someone my parents tried to organize extracurricular activities…. six months they are already with their parents could meet at the Sunday mass. Graduated from the centre, the girls brought their young people, some guys even alternately, and then almost always the grown-up graduates came to get married with their halves.

To some extent, the centre was a “marker” of adequacy. I’m now coming to Moscow and coming to the temple my former parish for many years, glad to meet the family I met there. And find in the vast network accounts friends and girlfriends and my sister too. It’s absolutely normal people – responsible, honest, enthusiastic, joyful from within. If you want, this is the fruit of Orthodox education. Here is my sister, for example, not to pull out any political activities in principle, she was engaged in music, works and travels, and wrote about. And her daughter pavlikova until recently shared a fun family photos – she’s already a mother, and found myself as a mother.

So when I learned that Anna pavlikova is her younger sister (in the photo, of course, I didn’t recognize her – I saw something we probably in her childhood in the temple families are close friends, and then I left), I was just amazed. Extremism?! A terrorist organization?! The overthrow of the constitutional order?! What nonsense! No, of course, the offender is not worth the stamp “criminal”, is that addicts are from decent families go, but…

In General, I began to dig and check, and Akopov and checking, I was amazed even more. As I suspected, the whole thing was trumped-provocateur. If Anya is not sitting in jail, I’d think this is some kind of parody of a bad detective, now comes some Nastya Kamenskaya, or Perry Mason, the real culprit will be unmasked, and the girl will go to their parrots. But does not come even Hercule Poirot, and the girl sitting. In the complete absurdity of the charges. In the absence of any traces of organization, though something illegal.

It’s not trying to escape ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia. – Ed.) Varvara Karaulov, who really tried to escape. It does not violate the order of the youth on the shares of Alexei Navalny, well broke, of course, violated, on the lamp that sat, I saw with my own eyes. It is just absolutely home-Anna pavlikova, which could not do anything extremist, just because of extremism, we need a certain amount of activity that took her in all sorts of cute and cozy things, such as veterinary medicine.

It’s just the guys who sat and talked about the negative sides of life in Russia and that it would be possible to fix. Even if the conversation was becoming dangerous, the agent would be to organize the boys meeting with the police, or some other specialist to direct their energy in a more official direction and after a short time they would all not at McDonalds and some questionable office of sat, and the Ministry of youth Affairs cooperated for the common good.

Why am I so long and detailed thought about the children’s center at the temple – Yes, because the reaction to the slightest injustice a person brought up in a Christian environment, and should be sharp, painful, should call simple human frustration and desire to fix it immediately. For a young person that rationalisation of all the problems, all the worldly injustice “and it will pass” “nothing – that’s nothing unusual” – a sign of a dead conscience. I think even sincere supporters of the present state of things in Russia understand that is not all. It would be ideal, we would have in the Kingdom of heaven lived.

And it creates circles of political and other interests, and this is nothing new – the problem is “adults” to strengthen the good and dismiss the bad. And not to provoke on the bad, as did the man who “dangerous criminals” to law enforcement.

What am I writing all this? I’m unlikely to convince those few who sincerely believes that the girl is a horrible terrorist, so let him sit. These people are cruel and curious details of the case, no one is hiding, and all this generally coincides with the stories of family members Pavlakovich. I can’t convince and those too few who sincerely believes that the court will understand – these people are stupidly naive and do not understand that in political cases the courts always play it safe, and even if the court and will understand, prison is injured. Even the month. Or two. Or especially three. It is not only that girl, long ago, had health problems, lost it there completely. Case in forever mutilated soul. No return man a few months locked up on absurd charges.

I highly doubt that my inconsistent text will serve as an occasion for a public repentance of judge or to surrender provocateur, who would recognize that just deceived and confused group of young people. And probably nothing can be done. If people heard by injustice, their conscience lyrics not awaken.

But maybe we just pray? This Orthodox girl from a religious family, our sister in Christ and she just needs support. Prayer is a great power, maybe we can pray so that the walls of injustice have crumbled, and Anna was released?

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