Why relationships change after the wedding?

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Many women say that after the wedding, the man starts to behave not quite as much as before. Rarely gives flowers, has signs of attention, compliments, etc. what’s the matter?

For men the period of the conquest of women is over, it belongs to him, and no more need to try to show their best side. Psychologists have identified five love languages: words of support; time spent together; help, care; gifts; touch. Each person has a need to towards him showed all five types of love languages. But one (sometimes two) is the leading.

When a guy is courting a girl, he has to to win her, talking to her in all five languages of love. This can be compared to a tap, from which flows a strong stream of love. Main women need to feel loved — this time the girl is satisfied completely, she just bathed in love. But when they got married, and began the usual routine, the man has no incentive to speak all the languages of love. Someone may be limited only by touching someone- help, care, some words of support. Thus, from that “love tap” water flows not flow, and a thin struechkoy. The woman did not feel so loved.

It is important to make a woman to her husband after the wedding showed her enough attention, care, love, and romance? Here are some tips.

1. Praise your husband. To praise you for the fact that it is time to take out the trash, washed the dishes, read a book to a child, tastefully dressed, etc.

2. Give him time by himself. Don’t let the husband spend time with friends fishing or to a football match. For most men, it is important to have leisure time that you can spend with your friends.

3. Make the holidays even on ordinary days. The husband comes home from work, and waiting for his wife, who looks great and happy for his unexpected holiday. After this usually the feeling of love husband to wife updated.

4. Learn to compromise and as little as possible to criticize her husband. Constant criticism and carping kill the love of the husband to the wife. The disadvantages of the husband try to treat with humor and gentleness.

5. Admire their choice. The basic need men to be admired. Admire the way he looks, his actions, deeds, ideas, etc.

Remember, the man develops and becomes real only next to a real woman. What you — and the man next to you. If you want change — start with yourself.

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