One of the fastest growing churches in America is a Chinese Church, where they speak Chinese language. In large urban areas to small rural communities young Chinese immigrants coming to Christ, and change their lives for the better.

This recreated story shows the frustration and anger felt by many families. Chinese-American parents often have difficulty communicating with their children.
Yang Jae moved to the United States when she was 13 years old. It was then that the relationship with his parents deteriorated.

“Our family was very strict rules. Everything I did had to be perfect. And I was supposed to be. If I got 98 points instead of 100, you could be punished,” recalls Yang Jae.

Yang Jae had to learn to adhere to strict rules, and she couldn’t understand why the parents treated her.

“My father in his youth was in the military. The way he taught me, more reminiscent of a military drill,” says the girl.

Despite the conflicts, Yang Jae never doubted the love of a parent. And they encouraged her to find her passion. The girl started dancing, worked hard and began to speak.

“It was the biggest motivation for me to really work hard, go to the next class and wear the most beautiful costume in the whole school dancing. And then, when I got to go on stage and perform, get flowers, applause, you know, the admiration of the audience becomes really attractive for us,” she says.

Life returned to normal, and Yang Jae fell in love with the Floor. The girl was expecting from the Floor just as perfect as her parents from her. But soon their relationship began to deteriorate.

“We never spoke to each other. We were angry at each other, and I waited, that she first apologized to me. It was painful,” recalls the husband Yang Jae Chinese artist Paul young.

Marriage and family life was on the verge of collapse. And their daughter Crystal was witness to constant bickering and fights.

“I was angry and sad at the same time. I thought my dad didn’t have to treat my mom,” says little Crystal Yang.

This complex relationship for the period Jan Jae and Paul began attending the local Chinese Church. The pastor showed them and other young couples how to build a strong and stable family with God’s wisdom.

“We always get new people. There are always those who are looking for environment for yourself and the people with whom you can communicate. And I think as a Church we can refer to them with the gospel and talk about Christ. Many of them had never been part of the Church and do not read the Bible, so we communicate with them and help to meet Jesus,” says pastor Tim Liu (“the First Chinese Baptist Church”).

In 2016, the United States has provided nearly 41 thousand immigrant visas born in the mainland Chinese citizens. And the number of Chinese churches in the United States grew from thousands 1200 in 2006 to 1,600 in 2011. Some churches combine to effectively reach young Chinese.

“We work with people in our Church and other churches. In the area of HAMPTON roads there are four Chinese churches, they are all aimed at achieving this community. And act in different ways, says pastor Tim Liu. We also collaborate with other local American churches are partners with a network of local churches that support us and connect with other Church leaders and ministries. We work with the goal of reaching the Chinese community and to share the gospel to these people.”

Over time, Yang Jae and her husband were able to realize their purpose in marriage, and their relationship was healed.

“Prayer can be compared to breathing air without which you cannot live a single day. While reading and studying the Bible is like food that we consume every day,” says Jan je.

Crystal is happy that Jesus has restored her parents ‘ marriage, brought peace to their family and filled her life with meaning.

Jesus has changed us. We need to rightly follow the Lord and continue to serve Him. We were lost; now we belong to the Father,” says Paul young.

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