Three Christians were brutally tortured and killed, almost ten years ago in the Turkish city of Malatya. Now the Turkish criminal court finally sentenced five criminals to life imprisonment. This, though late, the verdict caused a wide resonance. But the fight for justice is not over yet. Those people remained at large until a few days ago and going to appeal.

German citizen Tilman Geske was one of those brutally murdered on 18 April 2007. A few days after the horrific crime, the wife of Tilman, Susanne has publicly forgiven the murderers of her husband. Its such a magnanimous act has stunned the residents of predominantly Muslim Turkey.

MHN: Suzanne, thank you for agreeing to this interview. How are you and your children?

Suzanne Geske, the widow of the slain missionary:
Thank you very much. We’re all good.

MHN: so five people responsible for your husband’s murder, was sentenced to life imprisonment. How do you feel about this nine years later? You were waiting for justice. What you now feel?

We feel relief, because I was waiting for this for so many years — when it finally ends. Last time we almost lost faith, but this time really was the point. In General, well, that all ended.

MHN: Suzanne, can you tell us about the process of healing that you have held for the last nine years?

Yes, in the beginning, I didn’t even understand what happened to me, but I was surrounded by a lot of people who helped me through all the stages during that difficult period and helped me with the usual daily things. All this time I often prayed, read the Bible, especially the Psalms, in particular Psalm 120. In addition, I helped that I forgive others, and founded a new Church.

MHN: do you ever go back to Turkey?

Oh, Yes. I’m only here because of my daughter.

MHN: But it is a country in which five people were killed your husband. Why would you want to go back there?

Because I love her. I love them very much. And like the country itself, so really want to go back there.

MHN: Your children have grown over the years. Now they are students. Tell us how they’re doing.

Wonderful! My oldest daughter in Ankara, Turkey. She is studying there for the English teacher. My son is in Munich, it’s all good. And youngest daughter here with me in Frankfurt, she will soon graduate from high school.

MHN: Just a few days after the attack on her husband you publicly forgave his killers. Suzanne, what made you do that?

This is actually made the Lord Jesus Christ. I was asked to say something on television, and I said that I can’t. But then I prayed a little bit and then heard the voice of the Lord: “Tell it so”. And I just did it.

MHN: Christians in the middle East today are suffering for their faith. You know what it’s like to experience the persecution first hand. How do you personally pray for Muslims?

I pray they know the love of God, that they realized that God really loves them. This is my main prayer.

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