Senior CBN international correspondent Gary lane visited in Mosul and surrounding areas. He saw with his own eyes how the unfolding struggle for the city, and experiences of local Christians. Gary lane joined the news MHN to discuss some of the events of last week.

MAN: last weekend in Kirkuk occurred the dramatic episode girls-Christians and ISIS. What happened?

Gary lane, senior international correspondent for CBN:
About five hundred students were in one school of the Chaldeans in Kirkuk, when the school stormed by militants of ISIS. As a result, the school has not managed to leave about 30 girls, they stayed there. ISIS militants located right in the neighboring room. Those guys were suicide belt, AK-47, and so on. The girls hid under the bed, and because they are not found.

MAN: Yes, incredibly. We also received information that the troops began to release some of the Christian cities. And in the course of this release, they ran into a girl. She told me that she is very grateful to the soldiers who have liberated her: “I thought you never to us will come. We have three days without food and water. It’s just me and mom. My dad was killed by the terrorists,” she said. Girl said she was waiting for these people to come in and save them. Tell me about these Christians.

Three days the child was there without water and food!

MHN: There are entire Christian town. The Iraqis are already returning to those cities?

Some of them come back at least in order to check the status of their homes. And when they come back they see that they have nothing left. Their homes are destroyed. One person said, “What do we do? To return to live in the tent? Now we live in a small trailer in Erbil, Northern Iraq.” They can’t go back yet. Because they have no money to return and rebuild the house.

MHN: How can we pray for these people in this very difficult situation?

Of course, they ask us to: “Pray for God’s provision for us. And pray that God will give us the strength to overcome this ordeal. I think this is what we need now to pray.

MAN: the fight is not over.

It is just beginning.

MHN: the Battles for the liberation of Mosul will continue for some time.

They will last a few months, and then still might need years to rebuild this city.

MHN: Can I assume that at some point the government will say, “Listen, Christians, you can go back”? When they give a “green light” that people were able to return?

Well, they were concerned that the battle for Mosul intensified. Artillery shells fall right in those villages, so they are still in danger.
In Mosul, in many places, laid booby-traps and extensions, including in homes. In the city everything is turned upside down. That’s why I think most people to get started, try to get into the city to see whether there are more of them at home, but live there until they are not.

MAN: well, That’s a very important point. We must continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Iraq. Gary, as always, a big thank you!

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