“Winter cherry” was burned because of the circuit – wiring problem started a week before the tragedy

In Kemerovo the investigation of the fire in the shopping centre, “Winter cherry”. Experts first called the cause of the tragedy, and six defendants extended the term of arrest. Tenants of the burnt shopping center appealed to the President: they have lost business and can’t pay the loans which were taken for its development. “Pravmir” has collected all that is known today.

Photo: TASS, Maxim Grigoriev

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The machines did not work

24 Aug experts called the cause of the fire at the Mall, “Winter cherry”, reports “Kommersant”. Life 60 persons was broken due to a short circuit in the led lamp over a pool of foam cubes and other technical problems, which is too long none of the employees of TTS did not notice.

All electrical equipment in the “Winter cherry” was investigated employees “Bureau of independent examinations” for the purpose of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. The examination was subjected to a charred ceiling, fragments of cables and wires, transformers, and switchboards.

Because of an incorrect reconstruction and operation of the building was having technical issues. For example, one of the defensive machines failed inappropriate in the section of the cable. Wire-overheated, destroyed its isolation. In many switchboards the conductors were simply confused.

“Installation and connection are carried out not by design, but random” — quoted expert “Kommersant”. It is likely that a short circuit in the wiring occurred due to the incorrect distribution of loads and ruined insulation.

According to experts, a short occurred in the wiring that led to an led ceiling above the pool with foam blocks on the fourth floor. There the roof was leaking, and fixtures that are designed for dry areas filled with water.

The posting problem can be identified before the tragedy. It clarifies the “Kommersant”, the week before the fire, the lights inadvertently went out, but this is no surprise because this has happened before.

Automatic protection also proved to be faulty. The lighting was off, but that didn’t happen. The footage from the cameras showed after beginning a fire led bulbs on the fourth floor are still burning.

Also on the video surveillance in the time of the fire experts noticed decreases “linearly extended luminous object”. It’s burning drops of plastic from ceiling fixtures that were in the foam and caused the fire.

Photo: TASS, Maxim Grigoriev

As for machines, it is not known whether they were faulty or not installed everywhere. The building of the “Winter cherry” has already been demolished, so a more accurate reason to call impossible.

Tenants of the shopping center: “About us forgot everything”

Kemerovo businessmen of “the Winter cherries” appealed to President Vladimir Putin. After the fire they were left without a livelihood and do not know how to settle with the banks. Tenants have issued a video message to the head of state in a social network “Vkontakte” on 20 August, a week before his visit to the Kemerovo region.

“After the tragedy in “Winter cherry” we have lost business. For most of us, the only. For its development we took the money in banks. They bought the item, equip the outlet. 25 Mar all of our possessions were burned, and now we don’t have work”, – told the correspondent of “Pravmir” entrepreneur Irina Ostapenko.

“But loans have to pay the same. About all of us forgot. For five months the debts had grown so much that we with them do not. We don’t live on that. But it’s like we’re forgotten,” says the woman.

Irina has two children and she still failed to collect them in school. For the entrepreneur point in “Winter cherry” was not the only one, but the damage of 510, 000 was also too noticeable.

Photo: TASS, Maxim Grigoriev

Tenants fear that it will not receive compensation from “Kemerovo confectionery plant”. They believe that the company is preparing for bankruptcy. The same information was made by the judge of the arbitration court of Tomsk: the KKK has a “prospect of bankruptcy”, reports the website А42.RU.

“Why do the authorities demolished the building “Winter cherry”? They could sell the land and compensate us for part of the damage,” complains Irina. According to her, entrepreneurs need to resolve the issue with the Bank and the owner of the “Winter cherry” and get a subsidy for business development. This will allow them to work on.

Kemerovo regional administration is in talks with banks, provides entrepreneurs rent on favorable terms, and pay them a subsidy from the city budget, reported the website А42.RU. For help to the authorities asked 124 of the tenant.

“…Based on the limits of budgetary financing is determined that the amount of subsidies for the renewal of the business will be 100 000 rubles to one recipient. On August 20, 2018 for the financial support of the Department for entrepreneurship and consumer market of Kemerovo region turned 50 entrepreneurs. 28 of them have already received budgetary funds, another 14 will receive in the near future. A number of documents are still under consideration, the receipt of applications continues”, — quotes the edition of the main Department on work with mass media in Kemerovo region.

“Keep in custody”

In the Central district court of Kemerovo from 21 to 23 August of the hearing on the petition of a consequence about prolongation of arrest of six defendants in the case about a fire in shopping centre “Winter cherry”.

The court left in custody until November 24, technical Director George Sobolev, guard Sergey Antoshina, General Director of “Kemerovo confectionery factory” (owner of TTS) Yulia Bogdanova, managing Addanac Hope and former head of the Inspectorate of construction supervision of the Kemerovo region Tanzilo Komkova.

Igor Polozenko
Photo: Alexander Kryazhev / RIA Novosti

Director of the company-provider of fire alarm systems “System integrator” Igor Polozenko and his subordinate, Alexander Nikitin will hold in jail for another month, until 26 September.

The six defendants in the case, as well as fire Genine Sergei, who is in jail until September, charged, reported to the courthouse the representative of the Investigative Committee of Russia. Depending on the degree of participation of each of them charged with “Causing death by negligence”, “Infringement of requirements of fire security, entailed on imprudence death of two and more persons”, “Providing services that do not meet safety requirements” and “Negligence”. The victims before the 25th of December will familiarize with the criminal case.

Sergei Genin
Photo: press service of the emergencies Ministry

During the hearings, all the defendants asked the court to change the measure of restraint to house arrest or on bail. For example, the CEO Yulia Bogdanova motivated by the fact that we need her 12-year-old daughter:

“I have a family. And 12-year-old daughter, who needs me at home. Soon the school year begins. And I needed her close. For five months I have seen the daughter once. I have no intentions to hide” — the words of Yulia Bogdanova А42.RU.

“My reputation for years of work the head was perfect. Now she got under a powerful press. I was declared the head of a crime group that was responsible for that fire. But I was never the head of a criminal group… […] Lived at work, came eight in the morning, walked around the whole Mall from the first to the fifth floor. Leaving at eight in the evening, too, all tried to control as possible. Apparently, to control everything is impossible,” said the woman on the court.

Julia Bogdanova
Photo: Alexander Patrin / “Kemerovo”

Addanac reported health problems, and elderly mother, for whom she is caring. Tanzilya Komkova refused to testify in court, but her lawyer also pointed to the deteriorating state of the defendant. But these arguments did not affect the judgment.

“Winter cherry” will be demolished by October

In Kemerovo on August 21, the first stage of the demolition of the burned down shopping center. Ground part of the complex “Winter cherry” is almost completely dismantled. Three buildings was dismantled, metal and construction debris brought to the site for sorting in the city, reported in the administration of Kemerovo.

This task was planned to spend 89 days, but the contractor — construction company from Yekaterinburg, missed the 34.

Photo: TASS

The second phase of the demolition will start on 1 September and will take another 38 days. Workers will dismantle the basement floor of the “Winter cherry”. 10 more days they will need for cleaning. The dismantling will be completed October 18. But the timing can be adjusted during work.

In place of the national memorial, where people brought flowers and toys after the tragedy, September 1, will install a memorial stone. This is the first step to the creation of the Park in memory of those killed in the “Winter cherry” children and adults.

The square will appear in place of the shopping centre, by 1 June 2019, reports the administration of the Kemerovo region. It will open on children’s Day. It is already known that its area will be 1.8 hectares.

Photo: VKontakte

“At the site the demolition of the building, “Winter cherry” completed in the coming days will continue to remove debris. A week and a half will start the design and survey works, — said the acting Governor of the Kemerovo region Sergey Tsivilev in their group “Vkontakte”.

According to the head of the region, construction will begin in the spring. Relatives of the victims have chosen one of three options for the future of the Park.

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