“Winter cherry”: “Why the first call about the fire was from the house next door?”

In Kemerovo the investigation, in which 11 persons were detained. One of the firefighters who is in jail, Andrei Boursin, taken to hospital. According to his relatives and ex-Director Alexander Mamontov, due to suicide attempts. However, GU FSIN across the Kemerovo region denied this fact. Mamontov himself remanded in custody, however, as other defendants in the case about the fire in the “Winter cherry”. Memorial on the national Mall every day there are fresh flowers. And in the village treshevsky the school will open a memorial plaque with the names and photos of six girls who perished in the fire. Relatives of the victims begin to share memories. “Pravmir” has collected all that is known today.

  • Arrested new suspects in the case of a fire in Kemerovo
  • The residents of Kemerovo spoke in defense of a firefighter accused of the deaths of people in a fire at the Mall
  • The Prosecutor Kemerovo: Kemerovo Burnt TTS is not checked as directed by the management
  • In Kemerovo have started to demolish the shopping center “Winter cherry”
  • Zimnyaya Vishnya: new detentions, the demolition and the Ombudsman for the families of the victims

“He had bandaged both hands” – but the Federal penitentiary service denies suicide attempt

The former head of the emergencies Ministry in the Kemerovo oblast Alexander Mamontov 9 August during a meeting of the regional court stated that firefighter Andrew Bersin, who led the fire-fighting in the “Winter cherry”, was in a psychiatric hospital after attempting suicide.

In determining the measure of restraint in respect of Burkina prosecutors objected (against the detention. — Note. ed.) but the court took the position of the investigation. And it is not a secret that he had a suicide attempt, and at the moment it is in regional psychiatric hospital“, — said Mamontov in the courtroom.

Earlier information about the transfer Borsina to the hospital from jail came from his wife Tatyana. She told “Kommersant-Siberia” in August 7 spouse had to conduct a psychiatric examination, but she reported that he was taken to hospital for treatment.

“As I explained, he had bandaged both hands. He took in jail, attempting suicide,” she said. Possible cause Tatiana Burkina called into denial date, the permission for which she received from the judges on the court of appeals on August 1. She asked the investigator for permission to see her husband on August 3, but the answer is still not received.

GU FSIN across the Kemerovo region does not confirm the fact of suicide attempt of the defendant Borsina in SIZO-1 in Kazan, reported the press service of the Ministry to the correspondent “Pravmir”.

Andrew Burcin was taken into custody July 10 on the petition of the investigation. The firefighter who arrived on the scene first, accused of negligence. According to investigators, he violated the military Statute, is not organizing the management of forces and means of fire fighting garrison of the place of the accident and not spending properly the exploration and questioning of witnesses. On the website Change.org a petition in support Burcina, it was signed by over 82 thousand people.

Photo: RIA Novosti/Olga Klimova

Before his arrest, Andrey Burin told reporters that on March 25 at 16:09 arrived to the main entrance of the “Winter cherry”. According to him, at that time, neither the administration nor the protection of firefighters not met and not reported whether people are inside or how many.

“We immediately rose to the fourth floor, where the fire. There has been very strong smoke, almost impossible to navigate. At arm’s length can not see anything, very high fever,” explained Boursin.

Colonel Boursin became the eleventh detained within investigation of criminal case about a fire in “the Winter cherry”. Among them — the technical Director of the shopping centre George Sobolev, the management Hope Sedenak, the head of the Kemerovo state construction Tanzilya Komkova, CEO-owner Julia Bogdanov, CEO of “System integrator” Igor Polozenko and his subordinate, Alexander Nikitin, a security guard Sergei Antoshin. Among the accused x four emergency workers: the former head of GU Ministry of emergency situations in the Kuzbass Mamontov, head of the Department of supervision and preventive work of the regional emergencies Ministry Grigoriy Terentyev, head fire guard Sergey Genin and the head of the fire fighting Andrei Burin.

The region’s first commemorative plaque with the names of the children

The only school of the village treshevsky will open a commemorative plaque. For the first time in the history of the region will be the names and photos of children —six girls from 5 “A”, which did not return from the “Winter cherry”. It Pechenkina Vic, Vic Zipunova, Vilena Chernikova, Veronica Ponushkov, Tanya Karchevskaya and Nastya Smirnova.

Alena Zipunova, mother of 12-year-old Vicky, 25 Mar wanted to go to “Winter cherry” with her daughter, but at the last moment couldn’t.

You see, she called me… We went to the Furnace, and the next day Vic was going to Kemerovo with the class. I told her then: “Vic, no money, your grandmother gave 1000 rubles, so go…” But then she asked me what I gave up: “Grandma money to take the loan, and we will go together”. But my mom, when made out the credit, messed up one number on your phone. She ends with “51”, she called “52”. And the message about the consent to the loan has not come. There was no money. My daughter went alone, — quotes site А42.RU Alain Zipunovo. The woman had two more children — 10-year-old Victor and five-year-old Karina. The son grieved the loss.

— Victor and Vic were the same age, so almost never parted. Not like sitting at home. Vika is constantly called brother somewhere on the bike to ride, then a walk. He was always so skinny. After the death of Vicki gained weight because almost not leave the house… Without her. The first time he has ditched school. Remember, before he wound up the alarm clock, woke up, woke his sister, and they went to lessons together. But after the tragedy, didn’t want to go — had a teacher to negotiate. If we, adults, are so heavy in grief, the child how? Now my son works as a psychologist.

But Victor supported me. My mom cries almost every day. And I’m trying to hang on, but sometimes this is impossible — very painful. The kids were home and I washed. And I felt tears stream. Victor saw that I was crying. Stood next to me silently and hand stroking. His daughter and niece were not allowed into the room. Waited until I calm down. Karina still my tears said: “Mom, you are crying about Vic?” Small children feel…

To the question, if you go Sapunova from the village creshevsky, Alain Zipunova answer: no, because here are buried Victoria. Her grave my mom comes almost every day.

General Mamontov insists on the innocence

The Central district court of Kemerovo on 19 July left the ex-Minister of emergency situations of the Kemerovo region in detention until September 25, 2018. He is accused of negligence and embezzlement, which, among others, led to the tragedy in “Winter cherry”. Thus the General Mamontov sure to be under house arrest. He insisted in his statement during the trial, also insisting on the innocence of Sergey Genina — the commander of the fire unit, which also is in custody.

— Dear participants of the process, if we are so treated that all must meet the inspector… <…> In the whole region for more than 22 500 of these objects of protection. Yes, unfortunately, the tragedy has occurred on that object, which occurred, according to Lenin, 35. But why do you now say that the blame for the fire? Why blame the Genin? Why blame the Genin, not Cowards who blocked the entrance to the cinema? After all, he did not let the people out, he blocked the evacuation. Why the investigation does not consider those people who are not called out, with a shopping center? Why the first call to 112 came with the house next door? <…> It is very convenient to put me on trial. Well, he wanted to see the General, so why have you forgotten that the passport counter-terrorism was signed by the General of the FSB, and not me? Why? — quoted Mamontov correspondent A42.RU present in the courtroom.

Mammoth appealed the court’s decision. Meeting in the regional court on appeal, filed by attorney Novikova and her client, was held on 3 August.

However, on 3 August, it became known that eks-the head EMERCOM of Russia was taken to the hospital from prison. According to the source “Pravmir”, he was diagnosed with appendicitis and had surgery. GU FSIN the fact of admission does not deny, but not confirm the diagnosis is a medical mystery.

Photo: ranpress.ru

The court decided to postpone the meeting until 9 August. It was held yesterday. The consequence petitioned for prolongation of term of arrest of ex-head of EMERCOM in the region. Counsel and the accused Mammoths are asked to change the measure of restraint to house arrest or on bail.

— I very much hope that you, like me, want the truth, who is to blame for this terrible tragedy. Or you are satisfied that the working group of the Investigative Committee makes arrests with reference only to the testimony of witnesses confirm their evidence? The extension of the strictest measures based only on the assumption of the investigation and, most importantly, for your pain at the loss of loved ones in this tragedy — the words mammoth А42.RU.

The regional court upheld the decision of the Central district court of Kemerovo unchanged. Alexander Mamontov will stay in SIZO-1 in Kemerovo until September 25.

That will be in place shopping centre

On July 14, began dismantling the building of the TEC “Winter cherry”. It divided into two stages: first, demolish the above-ground part, then proceed to the underground rooms. The building was scheduled for demolition until October 2018.

“Work is carried out only in a mechanized way, anything not done manually because it is very difficult to predict how you will behave of steel structures that are damaged by high temperatures, — told reporters А42.RU representative of the Contracting organization Yuri Nurgaliyev.

The construction of a Park on the site of the “Winter cherry” has been postponed until next year. Relatives of the victims supported the demolition of the building. They took part in the presentation of the projects of the Park, they have already developed three.

Photo: avoka.do

“We met with all the relatives. discussed options that will be built on the site of the “Winter cherry”. This is three options for the improvement of the square. They are given for revision”, — told the acting Governor of the Kemerovo region Sergey Tsivilev.

The first phase of work on the square does not depend on the demolition of the building. The plot, where in the days of the tragedy, he created the national memorial will be landscaped.

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