Three-day training conference for missionaries, pastors, and also children’s Ministers was held in Slavyansk in early February 2016 at the Church “Good news”. At that time, the leaders of the mission teams continued pastoral training, which first took training for child and adolescent servants. He joined the missionaries of the 17 front-line cities, as well as teaching staff – employees of the Kyiv team of the project “School of life” and “Superbook” Association “Emmanuel”. Thus, the conference became the start of a great project to work with children in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

“We go where the pain is to proclaim the truth of God and to rebuild”, — proclaim in unison the participants of the conference gathered for morning prayer.

“A lot of kids in these cities, they are not wanted, and we realized that today we as a Church can do to serve them. And we understand that to cook children’s Ministers is exactly the same as pastors. — says the Bishop of the Association “the Church of God of Ukraine” and the pastor of Church “Good news” in Slavyansk Alexei Demidovich. – The Association “Emmanuel” is a very large children’s Ministry, so we are glad that we can work together to make this a big deal”.

“We traveled around the East of Ukraine, was in the camps and saw how people work with children and decided that it should do something to help, to help. Children are open, kids want to come to God, and, consequently, the children will go and the parents. We try to give Ministers the maximum theoretical and practical information, also to equip them with the materials, manuals, on which they will be able to work with children,” says the training Manager of the charity project “School of life” (Kiev) Olga Andrus.

Serving in the settlements of the frontline missionaries are faced with many issues and tribulations. But first and foremost they need to understand how to help people who felt on itself blows of the war.

“We serve in the area where the shells sometimes fly over your head where strange ideology. Also we are faced with human pain. Because many people have lost their loved ones have no where to hide…” – says the leader of the missionary team in the city of Svitlodarsk (Donetsk region) Andrej Szutkiewicz.

“The people around the wounded, they are hopeless. This part, in fact, only the Lord can change, and the Church is a tool. That affects people, preaching the gospel, which supports the hand, empathizes, is making efforts to bring Christian values”, – said the head of the missionary team in the city of Marinka (Donetsk region), Oleg Tkachenko.

“Children of the frontline cities, unfortunately, are deprived of the childhood that they deserve. Their hearts are broken, closed. God they need now, like no other,” adds Olga Andrus.

Among the students, as experienced teachers, and those who are just beginning to serve children and adolescents. All participate very actively: learning songs with motions, asking questions, trying better to understand and remember. Very soon the material they will need in practice.

“With children there really need to do, because a lot of children. Need some clubs open to children not brought up by the street, and in order to instill in them some good knowledge that will help them further in life. Will help them to transform their city that is now crumbling,” says a missionary and children’s Minister in Artemovsk (Luhansk oblast) Natalia Sugluk.

“With young people I have not worked before, and I thought, here we will learn how to better apply God to their level, to their thinking,” explains its presence at the training missioner and youth Minister in the city of Gold (Luhansk oblast) Victor Lukashenko.

“I help our volunteers in MHP. I came to the information that will be training with the kids, I asked and I got it. Yes, it is interesting to me – I see the work of others, and it inspires me,” shares the future teenage missionary Minister in the village of Mironovsky (Donetsk region) Karina Ermakova.

Karina is an example of that work in front-line cities is bearing fruit. The girl here because he wants to serve, though she is only a few months ago I first went to the Church and became a teenager, which the missionaries taught about Christ.

“Mom called me into the Ministry. I didn’t know what it is and how it. It turned out that they are very simple people, without showing off. We became friends and now, today we communicate, make friends,” says Karina.

For three days the students learned about the biblical basis for Ministry to children, their age features, help children from dysfunctional families, working with emotionally traumatized children and serving the “difficult” teenagers. Met programs “Samaritan’s purse”, “Live the Word” and “Superbook Club”, which is easy to carry out.

“We share that experience, those experiences that we have, to young Ministers, who have within themselves the enthusiasm to make the most productive and successful” – says about the purpose of teaching teacher, trainer and consultant of the Association “Emmanuel” Anton Kolganov.

Students received a variety of information, discovered many useful resources. To the question, “what else can I help you?” is often answered simply: pray.

“To pray is first and foremost, for us to pray. God gave us the strength that God came to our city with His fullness, and that people more and more know Christ,” says missionary in the city of Gold (Lugansk region) Svetlana Baked.

“For those people who are there for the team to pray. Because we are located 880 metres from the zero post, and sometimes scary,” says the missionary and children’s Minister in Artemovsk (Luhansk oblast) Natalia Sugluk.

“On a personal relationship with God, that God gave His guidance for each day” – asks Victor Lukashenko.

People who want to bring peace and salvation on the ground, injured from the war, today we learn and gather strength, and tomorrow I will go in the direction of the front line, to apply the received knowledge. Go there, where there are tens of thousands of children and adults who have lost hope. To Ministers faces a difficult task — to rebuild. But, with God’s help, they will do it!

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