Without vaccination, the parents will lose children more often

In Belarus, a baby died after vaccination. The groundswell “antiprivivochnaya” panic has already come to Russia. In response to this tragedy has shown the double standards of the opponents of vaccination and why it is impossible to refuse vaccines, says pediatrician Sergey Butry.

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In Belarus a great tragedy: the introduction of the vaccine “Aumenta” (whole-cell DTP + hepatitis b + HIB) the infant was given an anaphylactic reaction and died, despite the right to administer resuscitation.

Parents and physicians for the second week reeling from this bitter history, the media (especially yellow) hot season – they eagerly catch the hype, the social media we hear a lot of accusations and curses in the direction of vaccines, doctors and Ministry of health. I specifically did not comment on this story earlier, before the first results of the investigation and the official statements of the Ministry of health. Today I saw these statements, they are very honest, like they should be in this terrible situation.

It all started with this post. Further connected greedy to the scandals of the media, held cheap “investigation” struggling fueling hysteria and panic, basking in the fire. Why is only one the title of “Corruption of the Ministry of health: as of Belarusian children did the test range” (the rest of this article will not lead, for illustration, one is enough).

Even those media, which, it seems, had not planned to pedal a tantrum openly, while covering this situation are very slippery wording (whether specially or stupidity), adding fuel to the fire. For example, here we tell you that the Ministry of health officials “apologized” to the parents of the baby – which of course immediately caused a storm of comments “securitisable***apology”. But they apologized and brought condolences – can’t you see the difference? It is quite appropriate, although, of course, makes little difference to grieving parents. In this article, also interesting comments about marriage in Russian DTP (probably talking about it) and the comments of the official who representative in Belarus.

In General, the reaction of the manufacturer “Aumenti” (arrived in the Republic of Belarus, are open to study all the details and correcting processing errors if they are found) and the Ministry of health (conduct a transparent investigation, a press conference has suspended use of the vaccine throughout the territory of the Republic of Belarus until the end of the investigation, explain in detail the threatened full stop the vaccine campaign because of the shortage of Russian-made medicines’, why was it purchased Korean vaccine, etc.) seems to me very worthy and deserves respect. After the cynical statements of Russian Minister of the seven children in the whole country, in need of rectal diazepam – I’m not sure if such a tragedy in Russia, our health officials would be able to act as professionally and ethically. I think Russia would prefer to do the extreme medic, introduce a vaccine, sadly (it was under the fear of such reprisals pediatricians in Russia, so often give false medical exemption).

…Wave of panic has already spread to Russia, antiprivivochnaya Internet party has already begun a coven of witches and poisonous spiteful comments to the address of the vaccinators. And I always wonder, where were these people with their sharp tongues, when children died from whooping cough? Where were the journalists with their devastating investigations when the death of a child was the fault of the parents, not the doctors? For example, a family that did not vaccinate any child, faced with the whooping cough, has lost her newborn. Why such poor language? The type of disease, children may die, nothing special? It’s interesting the crowd, the hype does not raise?

Children end up in the intensive care unit and infectious disease ward due to pertussis hundreds and thousands every year, some die from it. In the countries of the former Soviet Union, the incidence of whooping cough in recent years is only growing, and it is only through vaccination fails to contain the scale of the problem. Why yellow media and antivaxer keep quiet about it?

Moreover, recently one of the medical professors, lecturer of College (!) and part of antireligioznik (!!!) gave an interview with “Snob”, where said 37 deaths from measles, and I quote, is “incomparably little with the amount of people who go out of life every year.”

That is, to die from the wild infections – normally, this is a valid sacrifice, it’s not going to shake our antiprivivochnaya views, metatypical; and die from vaccinations – a reason to ban vaccination in General? Is this not double standards?

Vaccination saves countless children from death, complications and severity of pertussis. Someone forgot the passing of whooping cough, remind.

Any vaccine carries a risk of life-threatening anaphylaxis, it is approximately one case per million vaccinated. However, the risk of dying from a controlled infection is much higher. This choice is very difficult, but we must do it properly.

Happened. I sincerely condole with the family from Belarus who has lost a child from the vaccine. And I also sincerely condole with the family from the Lviv region who has lost a child from the wild pertussis. Doctors are not fanatics, they have heart, and they do not dance on the bones of children and do not gloat over the death of a child, even if the cause is the fatal error of parents.

But this tragedy should not cast a shadow on vaccination in General and on the whole-cell DTP in particular. The benefits of vaccination disproportionately higher harm from such unavoidable tragedies, no matter how it sounded. Without vaccination, the parents will lose children more often, and rhetoric about “not comparable enough with the amount of people who go out of life every year” is unlikely to comfort them.

What you, the parents hear a lot about the dangers of vaccines and hear a little about their usefulness – has a clear explanation.

And not the last role in this distortion play hysterical leaders antiprivivochnaya movement and greedy to the scandals and media hype.

Don’t lose your head dear parents. Trust your doctor and timely vaccinate their children.


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