World Christian news | #323 from 23.09.15

Pope Francis to visit Cuba and the United States; refugees attack the border of Hungary; the Church of China pray 24/7; officers and at-risk children improve their qualifications; MHN available to the Arab world.

In this program:

• In anticipation of change: Cuba is preparing to meet Pope Francis.

• Questions to the Pope: the beliefs and speech of the Pope could cause schism among the Catholics of the United States.

• Help distant and near: a Christian charitable organization trying to show the love of Christ to refugees from the Middle East.

• CBN provides aid to migrants on the closed border of Hungary

• The humanitarian crisis in Europe: the flow of people from the Middle East sparked a debate how many refugees can take US.

• The revival in China: thousands of Christians joined in continuous prayer.

• In Kiev was held a workshop for Ministers and at-risk children

• Promotion of the East: “Global Christian news” in Arabic

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