World Christian news | #328 from 28.10.15

In this program:

• On the verge of death: a Christian from Pakistan will have to leave your family and go back to a dangerous homeland, if he does not prove what he believes.

• Wiped off the face of the earth: according the report of the organization “aid to the Church in distress,” Christians most persecuted religious group in the world.

• The American presidential election 2016: Republican candidates are fighting for votes-Christians.

• Football, faith and racial discrimination: at the U.S. box office with success, a new Christian movie based on a true story.

• Food and safety for the children of Haiti: a team of servants risking their lives daily delivers food through roadblocks and shootings.

• Philippine element: Christians help the victims of Typhoon “Lando” while local residents are preparing to test a new tropical storm.

• Help in difficult times: the choir from the United States arrived in Israel to support their music morale of the population.

• “Restoring integrity”: in Kiev began work as school counsellors-counsellors.

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