World Christian news | #332 from 25.11.15

In this program:
In Paris after the attacks: the days of mourning ended, but the world continues to grieve with the people of France.

• The debate about the refugees in an attempt to protect the country, congressmen are going to complicate the procedure for the adoption of middle Eastern immigrants.

• “Working with refugees is a “missionary in reverse”: a former Syrian refugee Jalil Dawood urged the Church not to turn away from people who are in difficult circumstances.

• Israel warns: Iran is increasing its military power with Russia.

• The last days: the security of the world threatens “Apocalyptic Islam”.

• 35 years of continuous prayer: the South Korean Church “Myung sung” celebrates morning prayer meetings. Christians believe that their prayers will bring about change in North Korea.

• The influence of Christians in the countries of Europe in Kyiv for the fifth time passed the Eastern European leadership forum.

• Day of the Bible in America: members of Congress read aloud the historical Bible Aitken.

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